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Saturday 31 May 2008

Fabric shopping day

Hmmm, it's been lonely here on the blog lately....:0(...where have you all gone???I know that some are already having the holiday breaks and having fun!!!!We will go probably in Greece this year, in the island of Tasos....where is taken the photo above, 2 years ago;)

But today I have some other, fresh photos to share, as my hubby took me to the fabric shopping spree;P

This place is called Italtes and is fabric shop where the fabric is weight in grams .....so it goes in weight and not metres,LOL.

I love that, not only because you can touch everything, but because it actually requires some digging....and finding some lost treasures, among the bolts ,rolls and fabric sheets.
I was totally thrilled when I found this one

It has that vintage, almost Japanese look, I think. Such a pity that they had only that piece of about 1.5 yds left...but it will certainly be used well:O)

Bianka was sleeping in the world of fabrics, so I could explore all the corners and groups easily...enchanted and taken by the colors, patterns and projects about how and where to use them.

Got the bliss???Well, I certainly had.

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Hedgehogs, strawberries and poppies

Our eBay, Japanese inspired launch has officially started!!!YAY! You may take a look at the gorgeous items listed here including my contribution ...I have only 6 listings,LOL and 2 more to come on Friday:0)!!!


We also had a great weekend!!!

We were collecting some wild strawberries, near our weekend house and they were so delicious!!!!We were so happy that have found one small nest as it served to take some home,too.

I just love to collect the fruits, each kind and next weekend even the cherries will be ready to take from the tries, yumm!!!!

I've been using some cherry branches to take pics of my new collection...Poppies, but more about it soon;)


Friday 23 May 2008

Busy week

Wheew, did a week pass already???It's been a very busy week over here and I have a lot of pics to share;)

For a start, some nature pics as, playing with kids the other day, we spotted a little caterpillar on a flowers...

I just love that electric blue, so unreal and beautiful! To remain in the field of blue shades, I have to show the comfy jersey outfit made for my friends DD, Poppy. I just love how it turned out, and will probably list it as a custom, as I have some fabric pieces left.

I think that the Zen garden would be such a great name for the set, and that Japanese inspired knit fabric is just TDF!

Oh...the BEST part are the matching clippies...Japanese inspired and so beautiful:o)

Can't wait to make some more, with some other fabrics,too;)

I also made a costume this week for a friend's DD's birthday party.

It's been a great party, and the little girls had so much fun with changing the costumes....

I finally have one picture with some friends to share

and had the opportunity to wear my newly made skirt(Uptown by Moda) and my new sandals, bought in Italy;)

For the end, a few shoots of my Japanese inspired set that will be list next week...many mix & match pieces, but you can see much more on my Flickr;)





Enjoy the weekend!!!!!!
xo, Katarina

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Drawing at the department of costume design

Visiting the actual exhibition of students from the Faculty where I took my Degree;).....

1The works of the Costume Department students from the first to the fifth year of studies presented in this exhibition were chosen with an intention to perceive the importance of drawing as an original of all other art disciplines, mediums, in the process of maturing in revealing the visual understanding of the world.
Cultivating drawing at the costume Departement is necessary within not only the Drawingand Painting major at the first two years of studies, but also the higher years of studies for the Dress Basics, Contemporary dressing and Scene Costume majors.
The aesthetics and significance of drawing at the Department has been changing according to the needs of time and sensibility of the students. At the beginning, drawing in the majors was only a utility serving the major subject, a form of stylization subjected to the strongaesthetic requests of the time and actual trends with a limited stepping out into the individual.

In the late ninties, especially during the previous several years, drawing for the Costume students had a special ascension in discovering the sensitive gradations and layers of deeper acceptance of the drawing and attempts to make it grow into a strong, independent, even central mean of determiningpersonal expression.





Paradoxically, in the period when classical drawing lost its media distinctivness in modern art, suppressed as anachronistic, forced away by new media, and when it was least in the focus of represenation and seriousconsideration in our environment, a generation of students emerged which, giving away to an undoubtedly strong emanation of individuality, uses the drawing to express the endless paths of creative imagination, analytical ability, dreams and anticipation, in searching of their own opinion, view and authentic language.