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Monday 28 June 2010

An apple for the teacher

document duvet

Today we took Marta's report card. She is excellent and she is really doing wonderful at school and she is so fond of her school, teachers and friends, which makes me very happy and proud of her:)

document duvet

document duvet So, instead of bringing flowers to the teachers(she has 2 of them), we did some homemade stuff....of course with fabrics: Anna Maria's "Drawing Room" fabrics.
After doing brainstorming for the past few weeks about what to sew as appropriate present for them, I decided to go with the document duvets. And Marta really wanted to make a drawing for each of them. I was inspired with one of the Amy Butler's project from THIS BOOK (that happens to be one of my first craft/sewing books I bought... 2, 3 years ago) and I just had to add a few things, to make it be more practical, usable...in a multipurpose sort of way....(I don't know why, but I always strive to reach another purpose when designing something...or to add more, so that it could be used in other ways too...which sometimes, even that I really LOVE simplicity and simple things, leads me in overloading things....oh details...I also love sweet details:)

document duvet

Anyway, I hope that they will love theirs duvets and will find a perfect way to use them:)
xo, Katarina

Friday 25 June 2010

Buttons heaven


lots of buttons New buttons are ready to be used...for many crafty projects. I just love fabric buttons, it is always so neat to see how a small detail of fabric is looking good as a button and how different details of the same fabric can be so beautiful and unique. I always love to wear a button used as an whimsy accent in a jewelry piece and weather it is a brooch, earrings, headband, bracelet or necklace it is always great way to keep it in touch with your favorite fabrics and in a way even with favorite designers, people who created those gorgeous designs.

orange fish necklace

I was truly enjoying doing some pin tucking today for the white beach dress ordered through etsy

pin tuck

pin tuck

It always happens that when I prepare myself for drawing some new drawings (I need to prepare the exhibition next year), that I suddenly get a lot of orders that keep me in stitches.....but anyway, I preferred sewing than drawing during this week and these rainy days, as for drawing and painting I somehow get in better mood when having better light with some sunny days...coming soon......

Have a wonderful, hopefully not rainy weekend,

Friday 18 June 2010

Strawberries and other summer treats

nest with forest strawberries

Summer fruit, especially different berries are one of the best things regarding summer diets and also always so inspiring for photographing, provoking with theirs amazing shapes and colours. Forest strawberries, one of my favourite kind of fruit is also always evoking some nice childhood memories like picking the strawberries and flowers on the different country side fields and forests...

cherry ribizle raspberry forest strawberries dud

And a few of my recent etsy treasuries, counting as a treat or feast for the eyes;)

Etsy FP by flowersnbutterflies shabby chic mode treasury

Etsy FP, 21.06.2010.

lush treasury


Enjoy the weekend,

Thursday 10 June 2010

Hello summer


pablo It is the end of another school year and at this point after all the crazy weather and a few days spent working on another exhibition at the Faculty , I can absolutely say Hello to summer:) It is just too hot already!!!! So we literally jumped from boots into the flip flops.....and as I haven't share any shoe obsession lately , here is something that is on the top of my wish list for this summer:

These are 80%20, Ce Ce Chin collection or so called Molly shoes. Aren't they just gorgeous???

Talking about summer and trends, I will have to recommend ELLE DEKOR Serbia page now even on Facebook, and of course, the MUST HAVE, hot june issue :)))Also, another beautiful blog CreamyLife , where I was even featured a few days ago and can't wait to meet lovely Ludmila in person next week:)))


And for the end, saying hello to summer, I will have to say goodbye to all the beautiful and inconstant spring nature beauties and natural phenomenons...that I truly enjoy seeing and photographing...like peonies....always so inspiring!!!


peony degas dress

Happy summer to all,

Friday 4 June 2010

Elle DEKOR feature

elle dekor pages

elle dekor coverFinally, June issue of the Serbian Elle Dekor magazine is available, including my mini-portrait, brief interview, including a few questions and some photos of me and my work. This magazine is one of my favorite domestic magazines and I am so thrilled and honored to be able to have this feature.
elle dekor page 1

elle dekor page 2

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thursday 3 June 2010

New plexi polka dot stuff


I have finally some new plexi laser cuts to show off!!!This time I used red Plexiglas surface as the base and than had the white polka dots printed (screen print) as a pattern. I have played with two of my previously used animal shapes: deer and rabbit as the silhouettes within the circles.



I already have some of the polka dots ornaments in my etsy shop , but they are made differently, and they are also different in size, and have holes, too. I will try to add the new ones in the shop during this weekend:)
Still unsure how to list them, as they are offering many possibilities and can be used differently, so I will have to think about the best solutions/options.

red rabbit small coaster1

deers doily red deers2

xo, Katarina