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Wednesday 30 April 2008

Summer in the city

Ahhhhhh, today I got in my mail some Summer in the city charm packs!!!This fabric line by Moda was so popular last summer and I was such a dork not to buy it in time, but lately managed to get some prints and yesterday, finally, won a few yards of my favourite one.

The birdies!!!!They are so beautiful, aren't they????

Marta was so happy that I allowed her playing with some charms and she was so excited, and so was I...well still am!!!I think that there is something about us, fabric addicted people that when are aware of some line being discontinued and Hard To Find, we want it even more, even that the prices are up....I remember when I discovered Amy Butler's Sunbloom collection, I've tried to buy some prints and search everywhere without any luck:( and it was like 30$ for yard.

And here are some pics of what I did with these(LOVE it):

This photo here is just a mountin of our wardrobe waiting to be ironed, LOL, and my hubby took this pic laughing while I was sewing something, telling me why don't you blog this and let people see something really interesting and incredible, LMAO!!!!!
So, well, I did it. Today, (thanks to the girl who is helping me with the house work;)) all this is in the closet, ironed and I can happily think about my next project....



Sunday 27 April 2008

Hristos Voskrese!!!!!

hristos voskres

Today is Easter in my country;).

Our traditon is to duy the eggs with onion skins. We usually do that on Good Friday taht is the Friday before Sunday-Easter day;).


3 5 8 2

The procedure of duying them is very exciting...in my family we mainly use different herbs that in the duying proces will leave the non colored spots, it is very similar to duying the batik and other fabrics. Kids love picking the flowers and herbs and even drawing on the eggs with vox crayons, that leaves great designs,too. There is also a game, crashing the eggs....and of course the winner is the one who picked the most durable egg, well, mine was crashed immediately.

Happy Easter to all of you celebrating it!!!


Thursday 24 April 2008

Fooling around

It's been crazy over here for the past few days. Kids are showing the interest for some new skills: Bianka is protesting against being feeded by someone else, and she WANTS to eat by her self, which is always finishing like this

Which is a phase that will end up when she will really learn how to eat alone, and is funny at the moment for the rest of us. Pablo, my 3 year old son is going through another phase...wall decorating painting phase.

and he wasn't inspired only with the huge clean background (which my older daughter Marta found as the logical explanation for his new interest to draw on the walls), but even with small non-smooth surfaces as this lamp switch is,LOL.
Of course, my first spontaneous reaction (artistic one) was : "Wow, this is good!!!", which I kept for my self and tried to explain him about how he suppose to use only the papers for drawing...or Grandmother's wall (that is the piece of wall in my mom's house that my mother dedicated to Marta when being at the very same phase). Well, in our house that wall above isn't the only one "affected", but there are others as well and I think that for him the Gran ma's wall just isn't inspiring enough anymore, as Marta quite covered it,LOL.

And than, speaking about painting and paintings, must say that I miss that very much, not having enough time to be dedicated to that, as well (but hopefully soon:o)), so I will share the very last one I did, for some family members.

This painting I did a few years ago, was made upon one Dutch baroque still life from the XVII cent that is kept in the Ermitage museum. I only modified the shape, as my SIL wanted the oval frame for that. It is oil on canvas and it took quite a while to paint that, and I when I paint for myself, I prefer doing some much more expressive style and even abstract objects.

Back to the now days, I have to share some "new arrivals"...some from the Germany


cherry applique

and thanks to my wonderful friend,Chris whom introduce to me those great appliques made by Marilena and explain in English how to use Marilena's site, that is all in German.
I'm planning to use those appliques for these gorgeous Japanese cherry fabrics

small cherries

I also received some new prints from Amy Butler, and I love them!!!!:P

amy midwest modern
If you are planning to do some shopping on-line, you may like to use this discount at Fabric.com

Thanks to my absolutely fantastic friend Sharon I'm off to shop!!!! (they don't ship to my country :(...but that's where the friends come to help;))

Monday 21 April 2008

Hey, how was your weekend?

We had some good weather and bad weather for the weekend, but at least we managed to catch a bit of sunny weather while celebrating Bianka's 1st birthday!!!!She is walking since turning 11 months and she has quite a determinate personality for her age,LOL!

Kids had a lot of fun with the dandelions.

And today, I've also managed to list 2 new listings on ebay. You can check them here.


Friday 18 April 2008

Booties and bibs

mosaicdetails from the beautiful Marcus Brothers "Bleeker street" print

Today I made some cute baby stuff for a friend .


She is expecting the arrival of her 4th child, baby boy;), any day now....So I finally finished my handmade gift and sent it to her.

My granny knitted the booties with beautiful cotton yarn and I made the fabric/felt booties and a pair of bibs.I took the tutorial from Heather Bailey
blog and had so much fun!!!The only thing that I was worried about was the fact that I was creating something for a baby boy and not girl, meaning no flowers, no bows and no all colors allowed,LOL.
But anyway, the colors of the sea and sand is a perfect combo, either for girls and boys....I just love the combination and the Chestnut Hill fabrics by Joel Dewberry is always a good choice;)


booties detail

The bibs are so easy to made, and these are my first ones ever.....and now I'm so sorry that I've never made any for my own kids:(...but well, can always be such a great gift for others;)

bibs set


I also started my next project, summer dress in the same colorway;)

work in progress..

work in progress....

crochet detail

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!