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Monday 23 May 2011


birdcage necklace

It's that time of the year again and I am so excited to take part even this year, at Mikser bazar within Mikser festival.
More info about the program and events can be found here or here.

You can download the program in PDF:

"Mikser festival in cooperation with KC Grad and "Takeaway Fashion" are
announcing Mikser Bazaar-modern market, where young designers will exhibit and sell their own hand-made products. In addition to clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry, the call goes to the designers of furniture, lamps and home items. But, Bazaar Mikser is not open only to the celebrated fashion artisans, it is actually a unique space for exchange of creative valuables - records, books, vintage clothing, grandfather and grandmother medals, tapestries, jewelry, photography...

Mixer Festival will be held from 25 to 29 May in the industrial zone of Belgrade in Žitomlin silos at the Lower Dorcol


Aleksandra Lalić, Aleksandra Ranković, Fish and Toad, Boris Mišović i Ivana Ilić, Ivana Čemerikić, Art studio motor, Ivana Jovanović, Jasmina Panić, Jelena Pribić, Kisser brand, Marija Gligić, Nnieborg Maša Nastić, Minja Tarle, Modemehanique, Shmizla, Nikolina Kostur, Jasmina Vujović, Marija Čarapina, Maja Verzotti, Ivana Damjanović, Miloš Sarić, Nevena Arsić, Nenad Stojaković, Snezana Ivanovski, Bojana Ristevski, Mile Galić, Milan Ilić, Marina Njagujević, Aleksandra Pribaković, Aleksandra Radovanović, Ana Pavlović i Nina Ivanović, Atelje Kimer, Vladislava Đordjević, Biljana Kovačić, Dunja Mihalački, Ines Pavličević, Irena Bursać, Iva Kukurić, Ivana Spoljarić, Jasmina Stepić, Jelena Bošković, Jelisaveta Mikulić, Lana moon, Manja Radić Mitrović, Marija Bogdanović, Marina Mustapić, Milica Butković, Marija Grahovac, Mina Ilić, Katarina Dragutinović Roccella, Vedrana Petrovska, Stefan Živković, Terra office, Danko Radulović, Suzana Rljić, Silvija Vojnić Rogić, Bojana Petković, Bojana Jević i Iva Sumulukovski, Suger plum, Slavica Čukanović, Kauku woodland, Marija Djajic, Tamara Marjanović."

I will be exhibiting accessories: brooches, necklaces, hair clips and other cute details:)

filigree metal fabric button necklace

filigree metal fabric button necklace

filigree metal fabric button necklace

filigree metal fabric button necklace

filigree metal fabric button necklace

filigree metal fabric button necklace

Like flowers and butterflies vas sa velikim zadovoljstvom poziva da dodjete na Modu za poneti u okviru Mikser festivala od 25. do 29. maja od 16 do 22h
Ceka vas nova kolekcija aksesoara za velike i male:)

You can read/see something from Mikser 2010 HERE and first, Mikser 2009. HERE

Hope to see you there...nadam se da se vidimo:)
xo, Katarina

Sunday 8 May 2011

Rabbit wallpaper bag

rabbit wallpaper bag

rabbit wallpaper original fabric

Ever since I got the delivery of my fabric printed @ Spoonflower, on linen-cotton canvas, I wanted to create a new bag for me. I ordered only 1 fat quarter to check the colours, the repeat scale and other details and so my options were a bit limited and I really needed a large bag, so that I can carry even the books or lap top or other bigger things. I wanted it to be in the landscape-horizontal size option, rather than classical messenger bag with the larger size in vertical.
So, after thinking and thinking, the best solution was to rotate the fabric in a rather wrong way, to use that fat quarter entirely for both sides.:) I used the gorgeous Echino stripe fabric for the flap and handles,( the same fabric that I used 2 years ago for creating this coat) and I wanted it to have both hand handles and one bigger shoulder handle that I love most.
Oh, and that cute little fish button is made with the Heather Ross fish fabric to add a bit of whimsy to the top:)
I am more than happy how this bag turned out. I was even thinking of trying to write the tutorial, so maybe you can expect one soon:)

rabbit wallpaper bag rabbit wallpaper bag

rabbit wallpaper bag

Happy Mother's Day to all my American friends- wish you a wonderful day:),

Sunday 1 May 2011

April's stuff

April's mosaic

Today I dedicated a lot of time in "cleaning" my flash card containing tons of photos I took during the past month. It's crazy how time flies and sometimes it's so hard to do some simple things, like posting about some ordinary, but yet so beautiful things that surrounds me and that make my life and my thoughts on a daily basis.
So, here it is, April in a mosaic photo, created using mosaic maker.

leggings and top

Hope your April was awesome as well,
PS Nic, THANK you so much for the inspiration and support and for being such a special, dear friend:)