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Friday 27 March 2009

Bird cage and button necklaces

Bird cage

Look what I bought yesterday!!!I saw it in one of the "gift" stores and I just had to buy it!!!I LOVE it:)
Since the student days, a bird cage, as the shape and constructive element, and maybe even because of its symbolic meaning, has always inspiring me, and I have some sketches and collages from those days named "And where is the bird?"...will try to find them, but will also try to do some new sketches and drawings with this one...and I can also see it in some future modelling pics of the new outfits(always if Marta will have enough strength to hold it:)

I had a pleasure last week to work with one new local customer on some button jewelry pieces and I just love how they turned out:)

bracelet and apple

chocolate necklace

I listed it as a custom listing, in way that a buyer can design it's own necklace regarding the choice of the colours, theme or fabric choices.

3 necklaces

It seems that the spring is slowly coming here...so tomorrow we will finally be able to go to Fruska gora and stay a bit more "outside the house".....
Have a wonderful weekend,

Saturday 21 March 2009

SPRING anyone???

Even that my Spring is springing listing on Ebay is going on for the 3rd time now, the real Spring, even that is officially in, apparently is still unavailable...at least here, in this part of the world.


We woke up this morning with some snow flakes and it is so cold and gloomy outside that it seems that the winter is just about to come....again:(


But, hoping to see and feel some spring soon, celebrating the official arrival, I'm offering 10% off on your total purchase (shipping excluded) in my etsy stores:)
Just type ETSY SPRING in the note to the seller when buying something, and wait to receive the correct PP invoice from me, including the discount:)
This offer will be available till 10 April, when we will go to Italy for 2 weeks, for the Easter holidays:).

I will have the give-away post before we go, so be sure to check my blog than:)
xo, Katarina

Wednesday 18 March 2009


japanese bag

This XL bag was the gift for one of my best friends. I just love it...simple and rich. Love that asian look of the fabric, it is a silk fabric that was combined with upholstery fabric, so was a bit hard to sew...


I have listed many zipper clutch bags in my IwannaBE etsy shop.

echino group clutches

Here you can see how I made them and read what I had in my mind when thinking about the right pattern/design, and I still have many fabrics cut in pieces, ready to be sewn. Hopefully soon:)

betty boop bag

xoxo, Katarina

Saturday 14 March 2009

In ruffles

shabby ruffles

I was so busy those past 2 weeks doing a few custom orders, all with many ruffles. As far, I think that my customers really love my gaucho pants-featuring many lateral ruffles or if not on the pants than lots of ruffles somewhere else...

barefoot roses dress set

ava rose set

and sometimes matching hats


I love the choices of my customers and feel so blessed to have them as my clients and friends, as well:)

Cupcakes and cherries



Thank you!!!!

Tuesday 10 March 2009

please VOTE for me on etsy:)

please VOTE for me on ETSY

I just got the message from etsy intern, about my Andalucia dress being selected for Spring Fashion item poll on the etsy's Storque.


Check it out HERE and please vote for me, if you like my dress, of course.
There are so many beautiful items featured, I'm so honoured to be part of that list:)

xoxo, katarina

Monday 2 March 2009

A Birthday and the TV feature


Marta turned 8 yesterady!!!I can still hardly belive that she is so big now. Here is the picture of the 2 of us:)

marta and me

As I mentioned something in my previous post, she wanted to be Bloom of the Winx and so we made the costume.

being red

And we coloured her hair with orange hair spray, which was the most important and fun thing for her.

BD party3

BD party

They had great time and she was so happy with all the presents she got:)


I also have one fun thing to share...I was featured recently at the local TV station, B92. You can see the little interview, I was speaking about my graphics and my work with fabrics:)

xoxo, katarina