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Saturday 19 February 2022

Zellige quilt pattern

 It's zellige quilt pattern release day and I can't be more excited to show you something that I was working on for the past three mon

Zellige quilt pattern is constructed with traditional flying geese (FG) quilt blocks, half square triangles (HSTs) and simple squares with aim to obtain nice colorful interplay and lovely sawtooth star shapes. My inspiration for this quilt pattern was Mediterranean widely famous Moorish, Zellige tiles.

With my Capri collection in mind, this geometrical interplay and pattern design seamed like a great match.

Here is the original picture that served as inspiration for the quilt construction. It's fun to see how some ideas are born! 

This quilt pattern comes in different sizes :

- pillow front - two variations: 24.5” x 24.5” 

- table runner: 24.5” x 72.5”

- baby: 40.5” x 40.5”

- throw: 72.5” x 88.5” 

- bed: 88.5” x 104.5” 

But the combinations are limitless, so using just pillow fronts and connecting blocks, you can obtain different layouts and unique lap size quilts. 


It's always fun to see the process, but the best part is to see the final quilt. Another amazing part of the process is to have a good company to share the ideas, progress, suggestions and more! Again this time I had a group of amazing ladies willing to help me testing and improving this quilt pattern and I can't be more helpful for their support. And finally to show you their testing quilt versions - they did such an amazing job!

Becky @keepmeinstitches created the unique lap size quilt using variation of AGF blenders and my fabrics from various collection: Avantgarde, Esoterra and Skopelos.

Barbara @missdaisy7 combined different AGF prints and centers from my Mothers garden print ( Lavish collection) to create her unique lap size quilt

Lynne  @tinkingalong used various AGF prints to make the unique lap size quilt

Sue @vinyardquilts made the throw quilt top in AGF solids

Amanda @marmanda created the throw quilt using Maureen Cracknell's Gloria fabrics

Jennifer @jeifner  made Zellige baby quilt top tonal version in AGF solids

Lori @thegreyfinchcompany made the baby size quilt using mostly Bonnie Christine's fabrics

Becky @countrychickfabrics created the baby size quilt in different AGF prints

Aurora @auroraa1714 made the pillow featuring my Boscage fabrics

Robbin @sewfarmquilter made 2 pillow fronts (one in each variation available from the pattern)

I just love seeing different variations and different options and I hope that you feel inspired to create your version or simply recreate one of the variations shown.
Thank you again so much to my pattern testers,

Thursday 3 February 2022

Kelim quilt pattern

 Hello there!!!

I can't believe that it's 2022 already. Wow! I think I planned for so long to write my first post in this year and really wanted to strive to blog more often, but 30-something days later, here I am.

I am intensively working on preparing things for the release of the look book of my next (but already available for shops) fabric collection - Capri. I will write more about it in my next post, but before that, I wanted to share a few more pics of my favorite and best selling quilt pattern-Kelim.

I created this quilt pattern for the release of my Twenty look book, but I honestly want to make it with any other fabric collection, because it's so versatile and gives amazing results. Also HSTs are may favorite quilt block units ( beside being also the first quilt block unit I created).

So, here are some pics of the Kelim quilt (quilt pieced and quilted by my friend, Barbara Opett, along with some beautiful details )

A few WIP pics by my own version in combination of Twenty and Boscage fabrics:

Some in Boscage fabrics, as really the possibilities are endless.

And to finish with the mock-up with Capri fabrics, that I am creating at the moment, with real Capri fabrics. 

Happy February,