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Sunday 31 May 2009

Design mikser

From 24 to 29 May in Belgrade’s industrial zone of Dorcol, at the Ċ½itomlin warehouse by the Danube river Cultural organisation Mikser for the first time organised MIKSER DESIGN EXPO, the new design event.
installation outside
bianka, pablo and me
We've been there on Monday and Tuesday again and loved it(especially the kids). A fresh bit of design,re-design and recycled design and a wonderful occasion to chill out a bit with some friends and even to hang out with some people not seen for a long time...
Mikser design expo
Mikser design expo
Mikser design expo
My sister and her friends were engaged in creating the "stage" for the Erste bank.
Mikser design expo
There were so many interesting exhibitions and happenings in the city as there was the Belgrade Design week running.
I'll be able to show you soon some fresh designs I'm working on at the moment, some silk screen prints on linen:)Marta made her drawings too for that occasion.

embroidered buttons
Oh, and talking about linen, look what I made last week....I have tried to embroider some flowers on linen...well, exept those bullion roses that I'm familiar with making, those aren't so great...I have the yarn being unthreaded and clueless about how to make certain knots, but I still do like them:)
embroidered buttons
embroidered buttons
embroidered buttons
TTYS, Katarina

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Lilacs and blues

Like the lovely, fresh, scented lavander....


...and the blue sky...


...or forget-me-nots...

flowers blue

...or the baby shoes with lilac bias tape created for the tutorial that needs to be written.....

roses booties

...or my new reversible trench coat...one side in lilacs and other on blue background...

echino coat

...so difficult to decide on which side to wear:)

echino coat

Made with my favourite upholstery fabrics-japanese Echino and Drawing Room by Anna Maria Horner.

drawing room coat

drawing room coat

xo, Katarina

Friday 22 May 2009

Summer dresses

on the bench

These are my favourite summer dresses. Easy to wear, comfy, breezy and yet so girly, twirly and eye-catching.

summer dresses

summer dresses

summer dresses

I have added a small cute detail-button pin, to add to any part of the dress you like best:)

summer dresses

And another thing...we can finally twirl!!!!!!


...and jump too:) Oh, how fun!!!!


Listed on etsy, available in child and adult sizes.

summer dresses

Have a great weekend, Katarina

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Poppy LOVE


I love this part of the spring/summer....lovely poppies almost everywhere around....


Of course, everything looks different now, taken with the new camera and I'm just practicing, as there are many new features that should be explored better:)


I took some pics of the kids while playing during the weekend, and WOW, I can finally get those precious little moments unblurred. And the best part is the fields depth....blurred background in contrast with the clean subject...it was something I could only do if setting my old canon PowerShot A720IS to a macro...but the options were anyhow limited.

bianka and peonies



Marta was one week away with the school, enjoying here, so couldn't test it on clothes...but will make the effort to do it ASAP..can't wait to see the twirlability options:)

xoxo, Katarina

Sunday 17 May 2009

A few NEW things

...that makes me very happy...like...

...new shoes...

...new coat(I will make the pics of it next weekend:)...

new reversible coat for me

...new wallet(still in progress:)...

new wallet

...new piece of fabric and some buttons...

buttons and fabric

...crochet flowers(made by my granny)...

crochet flowers lot

...piles of tiny headbands ready to be shipped...

pile of headbands

...flowers close up...

flower zova

flowers blue

flower dandelion

...and finally, the most wanted for a long time - a new camera...

my new camera

my new camera


I have tried it yesterday and just LOOOOOOOVE it!!!!Can't wait to upload some pics made with the new camera:)

xo, Katarina

Sunday 10 May 2009

Kimono Blossom dress


And after a long break, I finally have something new listed on eBay. The stunning Kimono Blossom dress, featuring the most wanted and most beautiful Oilily Kimono Blossom fabrics in red and blue colourway.

You can see the listing HERE :)


The rest of the pics HERE

Have a wonderful week,

Saturday 9 May 2009

Going RED with the Kimono Blossom

kimono blossom dress

I suppose that you have noticed some fresh, vivid changes regarding my layout....yes, I have finally changed my header:)
Fresh poppies, hot summer weather and my latest creation - Kimono Blossom dress made me do it...and I LOVE it!!!!

kimono blossom It features the most beautiful Oilily reprint fabric, very pricey and very hard to find. I'm so lucky to have it still in red and even blue colorway and I love how it turned out.


We had a wonderful, hot day at our weekend getaway house, and Marta and I had a great time doing the pictures of this stunning dress. I will try to upload the rest of the pictures tomorrow and maybe even list it on eBay, but in the meantime, here are some pics of the Work in Progress (I just love the bodice and being a perfectionist, I just love to take care of all the details, lining, tags, etc. while creating)

WIP bodice

WIP bodice inner part

bodice inner with tags

xo, Katarina