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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mark your calendars: Skopelos blog tour

As the quilt featuring my #skopelosfabrics has the official name given, thanks to you dear friends, I am presenting you #skopeloswindows #quilt ���� #katarinaroccella #ArtGalleryFabrics #WeAreFabrics #aurifil

On next Monday, the tour begins, can't wait!!!!
Here is the complete list with names and dates of the participants - the wonderful and talented makers that will show, share and inspire with theirs creations with Skopelos fabrics:

2. ALLEGORY LANHAM – April 21st
3. ERICA TOOLE - April 22nd
4. RACHAEL GANDER - April 23th
5. AMY FRIEND - April 24th
6. MARIJA VUJČIĆ - April 25th
7. DANA BOLYARD - April 26th
8. ERICA JACKMAN - April 27th
10. SVETLANA SOTAK - April 29th
11. KATHLEEN RIGGINS - April 30th
12. APRIL RHODES - May 1st
13. PAUL HALLINGER - May 2nd
15. CAROLINE HULSE – May 4th
16. JANE DAVIDSON – May 5th

skopelos blog tour

See you soon,

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sewing with Skopelos fabrics

Looks like I have a plan�� #Skopelosfabrics #artgalleryfabrics  #katarinaroccella

In a few days Skopelos fabric collection will hit shelves of the quilt stores and I am trying my best to make a few quilt and garment samples out of my strike offs. Beside that, I am also trying to make 2 new PDF patterns. One will be for the "Lola drawstring bag" (on the following pictures)...

Adding the cords and ready to shoot☺️ #Loladrawstringbag #katarinaroccella #artgalleryfabrics #Skopelosfabrics #skopelosfabric

I might be overgramming but I had to post this last picture of the #Loladrawstringbag with a peekaboo appletini ( #PureElementsolids ) lining �� #Skopelosfabrics #katarinaroccella #artgalleryfabrics #skopelosfabric #bag #patchwork

...and one for the new Quilt pattern that will probably be called Greeka (like four of the geometric prints).

Tagged by @lilysquilts here is my #widrn - my improvisational #quilt with #Skopelosfabrics is pieced and I will work on adding the borders today. I am tagging @sharonhollanddesigns @jessica_alex and @mvquilts �� #katarinaroccella #artgalleryfabrics #

When I say I am trying, I really mean that, because life sometimes get too crazy and trying is the best I can do.

On the other exciting side, I will have some sneak peaks of my upcoming lines, very soon.
I hope that you are following me on IG, because I am more active over there :)
Happy spring!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Skopelos fabrics strike offs!!!

@artgalleryfabrics created this beautiful hexi composition with prints from my spring collection - Skopelos, available in April 2015 You can see better preview on theirs website, link in @artgalleryfabrics profile #skopelosfabric #artgalleryfabrics #agfco

I was so excited when I finally received some strike offs of my third collection for Art Gallery fabrics- Skopelos.

  Skopelos strike offs

If you are reading my blog, you would know that we are choosing Skopelos island as our summer Vacation spot, over and over again. We are so in love with that beautiful Greek island and that's why I had to use that inspiration for my newest fabric collection.
Later today, you will be able to see the full preview of my 3rd fabric collection, Skopelos. It's inspired by this gorgeous Greek island, it's gorgeous architecture, rich florals, sand and the sea. ❤️ #skopelosfabric #skopelos #agfcomingsoon #inspiration
I hope that you will be able to feel that magnetism that Skopelos has for me and that you will enjoy using the Skopelos prints for your creations!!!

Here are some more Strike offs pics...more of that soon :)

#skopelosfabric all prints�� #artgalleryfabrics #KatarinaRoccella #fabrics

The sea palette of #Skopelosfabric, all ten prints #KatarinaRoccella #artgalleryfabrics

The land palette of my #Skopelosfabric, available next month�� #KatarinaRoccella #artgalleryfabrics

Good morning!!! Are you ready for the #skopelosfabric overgramming? Let's start with my favourite print- poppies on watercolor stripe ( called paparounes Crimson ) and Greeka blenders �� #KatarinaRoccella #artgalleryfabrics

Here are the same prints in second more subtle colorway �� #skopelosfabric #KatarinaRoccella #artgalleryfabrics

xx, Katarina

Monday, 23 February 2015

Birchen quilt - AGF stitched

Birchen quilt top

I had a pleasure of being part of an amazing group of people creating the Birchen quilt, which is a new and exciting collaboration between Fat Quarter shop and Art Gallery Fabrics, called AGF Stitched.
You can find out a bit more about that collaboration HERE.

You can watch the entire clip here:

and get the pattern HERE
Of course, I wanted to do something, mixing both of my lines:
Indelible and Recollection.

Finally into something new and exciting!!! #RecollectionFabrics #indeliblefabrics #artgalleryfabrics  #quilt #fabrics

Birchen quilt top

You can see my top finished.....and a few WIP pics....

Birchen quilt top

Birchen quilt top

I really loved the pattern, and appreciated very much Kimberly's suggestions and methods (like doing HSTs with triangles on a roll ) and I highly recommend it.
You can see many variations of this pattern, in combinations of beautiful AGF fabrics, just go to this post, to discover them all.
There is also an Aurifil giveaway included, so be sure to enter it!

Birchen quilt top

Can't wait to quilt and bind it! :)
xo, Katarina

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Cross stitched rose hoop

The progress made on my #pixelrose #cross-stitch #hoop. Hopefully it will be finished soon☺️ #aurifil #floss #embroidery #craft

During this Xmas period, we were visiting my husband's family in Italy.
It was the great opportunity for me to enjoy some spare time and do some stitchery.
I used my Pixel rose quilt pattern as guide to create this stitched piece.

pixel rose front cover

Here is the finished piece:

And all the gorgeous floss, the numbers:


Aurifil floss matching Recollection

Aurifil floss matching Recollection

I am not sure if I ever shared the stitched banner I did for my Recollection wall (for the Quilt Market in Houston), as that was the opportunity to get all the beautiful matching Aurifil floss.

This #cross #stitching piece is one that took most of my time ( more than quilt making!) and it was left unfinished , just partly done...but I was able to use all of the gorgeous shades of #aurifil #floss and it made me so happy

Here is the corner of the banner, unfinished (it took so much time to stitch and I had to send it over to US), that was the great excuse to attach the gorgeous wooden Aurifloss spools to it.

2014 Fall Quilt Market

The image was previously printed on the cloth, and it gave me a good base for the cross stitching.
Hope that you feel inspired:)

Friday, 30 January 2015

Meet Noa!


This has been as far my longest absence from blogging and I apologize for that.
Sometimes, I can hardly find the time to do the bare necessities and I can just hope that it may somehow be changed.
I have some very important exams to do regarding my PhD studies + finalizing new fabric collection, so it's taking a lot of my time, lately.

Other new thing in my life is that we have a puppy!
His name is Noa(h) and he is the cutest Golden retriever. The kids are so happy!!!The strangest coincidence was to discover that we share the same day of birth.
So, I will have a BD buddy ;)

Happy circle!!!�� #RecollectionFabrics #AGF #ArtGalleryFabrics #KatarinaRoccella

My latest fabric collection Recollection is available everywhere and seeing all the amazing creations by other people, makes me very happy. If you are using flickr, please share yours in the Recollection fabrics Flickr group pool, as I would love to see them :)

xx, Katarina

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Happy Holidays!!!!

I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and very Happy, joyous and creative New Year!!