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Sunday, 23 November 2014

New quilt patterns featuring Recollection fabrics

Proudly presenting you my 2 newest quilt patterns, one created with Recollection fabrics
named Kubeta quilt and other is the Pixel rose quilt, that was inspired by shape of the rose in one of my Recollection prints, named: Flowered Engrams.

KUBETA cover

Pixel rose includes 2 versions: with the rose on the dark background, without the leaves and the rose with leaves on the dark background.
pixel rose front cover

pixel rose blue

I have added both patterns in my etsy shop and you can use the promo code: PROMOPATTERNS to get 20% off.

Code is valid till the end of the year.
Happy sewing,

Friday, 21 November 2014

Tutorial-pattern for soft fabric Matryoshka doll

I have used this pattern to make cute Nordika doll (Nordika collection by Jeni Baker), that was featured in the December 2013 issue of Sew magazine UK.

Russian doll page 1

I am thrilled that now I can share this pattern with all of you and that I can use my Recollection line to sew a few dolls.

 Doll dimensions: 7 x 9.5" (17.5 x 24 cm)

 Needed supplies:

1. fabric: this is great project using scraps
2. small piece of heavy weight fusible interfacing (for the face)
3. sewing machine, thread (for the best results - use Aurifil), scissors, pins, iron
4. embellishments (optional): buttons, ribbons, sequins etc.

Wash and press all fabrics.

Go  HERE  to download and print the template.

Using the paper templates (2 pieces), cut the front pieces.With the 1/4 cm seam allowance, sew them together, right sides inside. Press the seam.

1. The shape you got - is the front side of the doll. Using that shape cut the back side of the doll.

2. For the doll's face: use the provided drawing-design to either print it on the fabric and use it like that or to embroider over it. Another option is to use transfer paper and pen to copy the design onto white piece of fabric or felt. You can easily hand embroider it, to add a bit of flair and texture.

 -I have transferred the face lines onto the heavy weight white fusible interfacing (that way I could easily just iron it in place) and I have embroidered it with Aurifil floss. You can customize the face by removing or adding some lines to the original face drawing.
If you don't like the given shape for the face, you can simply cut 3" circle and stitch it.

Once you are happy with the face, cut out the shape and position it on the head.
Sew the doll’s face to the front side of the doll, using the zig zag stitch.

3. Place the front and back piece, right sides together, pin and sew using 1/4” seam allowance, leaving a gap at the bottom that will allow turning the doll inside out.

 4. Snip the curves a bit to prevent the shape from scrunching. Turn the doll inside out. Fill it with stuffing. Hand stitch the opening gap closed. Add small sequins, buttons or any other cute details to the cheeks as embellishment.

This doll can be a great gift-giving item, for the Holidays. It can be used for kids to play with it or it can be used as a home decor.

If you scale the template to be much bigger in size (like one of the dolls above), it can be nice pillow.

Obviously, if using it as a pillow, don't exaggerate with the craft details, especially sharp plastic items.

Happy sewing,

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Recollection - inspirational boards

Recollection collection
I find myself sometimes spending way too much time on Pinterest. Today my excuse was finding some inspirational photos that would show nicely the spirit of my upcoming, eagerly expected Recollection line.

Here are 2 boards I've managed to put together, one x each palette.

inspiration board x Deep winterwoven
Deep Winterwoven

Inspirational board x Mist moderknittie

Mist moderknittie

You can find all those great clothes within my Pinterest board- gorgeous clothes, while you can find some inspirational pics for my Recollection collection within the board :Recollection
xx, Katarina 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Recollection at the Quilt Market in Houston

Now that the Quilt Market is over, I can freely share all the pics of my wall within the big Art Gallery booth (I didn't have the booth this time and I wasn't going), including mock-up and the real one.
So, the first picture above is the mock-up...and following is the picture of the booth, almost finished.

And the final version....

As you can see, that pixel rose quilt was a bit problematic to hang, as it was too large (way bigger than initially planned to be).


Here are some more pics of the items exposed (before sending them to US):


Recollection- Kubeta quilt






Also, I have created the flickr group for all the projects created with Recollection fabrics, and I would kindly ask you to add your creations using Recollection fabrics as I would love to see them :)
Can't wait to see your creations :)

xx, Katarina

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fabric design process

During the last weekend, when I took over the AGF instagram account, I was talking a bit about my design process, so I thought to post a few pics about that, here too.

I start by hand drawing, sketching and painting, surrounding me with inspiration and depending on the theme, it can be "real life" or some historical pictures from books and/or internet.

Very often, I use my own photographs, processing them in Photoshop, developing new images, placing them in repeats.

But, mostly I scan my original art and I make patterns with them, always in Photoshop (I don't like to use vector images), as it's giving me the possibility to work in layers, with lots of textures, preserving the "organic look" of the shapes.

After obtaining the final image, and making the repeating tile (or block) out of it, I start developing the color palettes.

I often use some pictures of nature to create the appropriate palettes and mood boards.

Of course, I make about 3 times more prints in order to obtain a good 10 prints, indispensable for one collection.

This is pretty much how I work to develop my collections.
If you have any questions, I would love to hear in the comments ;)

xo, Katarina

Thursday, 9 October 2014

AGF Instagram weekend takeover

Hello friends!!!
This is as far my longest pause from blogging. I am so swamped with all the Quilt Market preps, that it seems that my normal life has gone.
But, I will be launching my second fabric collection with Art Gallery fabrics : Recollection and it keeps me excited and in stitches.

#mistmoderknittie palette of #recollectionfabrics #artgalleryfabrics

These are only the strike offs, so the colors are still not definitive ( like yellow will be darker ) but pretty close to finals: #winterwoven palette of #recollectionfabrics #artgalleryfabrics
Detail of my #kubetaquilt top #patchwork #fabric #KatarinaRoccella #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil #quilt #pirotkiliminspired

Proudly (even that there are some obvious piecing mismatching ) presenting you my #kubetaquilt top finished!!! Now about some inspiration and name info: some prints in my #recollectionfabrics are directly inspired with my homecountry rich folklore and cos

#recollectionfabrics #artgalleryfabrics #fabric #strips #quiltmarket #preps ❤️

Swooning over the softest knits ever!!! #recollectionfabrics #knit #fashion #fabric #artgalleryfabrics

So we opened the parcel with #recollectionfabrics and she started picking her favorites and we've tried to imagine them sewn #artgalleryfabrics #knit #fashion

Here are a few sneak peaks of my current work...but if you are interested to hear or see more or even to ask  me anything about the whole process, please join me on Art Gallery fabrics Instagram during this weekend (11-12 October), as I will be taking over ;)

Hope to see you there!!!
Love, Katarina

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Indelible blog hop part 4

I am so late with the final round up of my Indelible blog hop....but I was waiting to get the links from some participants.
You can catch up with the previous posts:

part 1
part 2
part 3

So, let me show you some more stunning projects that was done by these amazing makers:

Katy Jones

created beautiful Indelible quilt and it will soon be quilted by Trudi


Jane Davidson

 created this stunning quilt with deer head appliques and it will be finished soon as well

Maureen Cracknell

made so many gorgeous pillows

Indelible Pillow 3

Indelible Pillows

Amanda Keeys

created this adorable apron top-dress

Lynne Goldsworthy

is creating a quilt for a magazine, so it's sort of secrecy until it will be published-can't wait to see it!!!

I will update these 2 remaining Blog Hop's spots with links and projects as soon as they will be able to share them :)

Megan Bohr

Nancy Purvis

I want to THANK you again to all of you who participated in this blog hop and made it so indelible!!!
I can't be happier with all your gorgeous creations!!!
xo, Katarina