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Wednesday 28 July 2010

Sunflower dress

twirl dress

I made for Marta this fun, twirly dress a few weeks ago and I took the advantage of the gorgeous sunflower field near our weekend house, at Fruska gora, to take some pics of it. There is another dress I made 3 years ago, also with the sunflower inspiration/surrounding.


twirl dress

twirl dress The dress is made using different fabrics, but mainly Garden party fabrics by Anna Maria Horner. I love how whimsy it turned out and Marta is delighted with the twirl ability option:). I am planning to add it to my etsy shop, as soon as I will find a free time to do that( there is a lot of things happening here, as one of my friends is getting married on Saturday, so always have a lot of things to do:)

twirl dress

xo, Katarina

Monday 19 July 2010

La vie en rose



We had a wonderful time last week, at Fruska gora. The weather was great, allowing us to enjoy the pool, and other activities out and inside the house.

pool party


I have finally started to draw and I am pretty satisfied with my studio over there, inspiration and among all, the possibility to be able to draw(while my kids are happily playing nearby).


It is incredible how some simple and ordinary things can sometimes fill you with happiness.


Hope you are enjoying the summer,

Monday 12 July 2010

Mini Vacation


Hi friends!!!
We are out of town enjoying a small Vacay.....I have closed my etsy shops till next week:)
See you next week,

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Like a piece of cake

strawberry cake

When your kids don't like eating some lovely seasons fruits when are at home (they like to eat them when picking them up directly from the plants), you do your best to make them eat (because strangely you may feel like committing a crime if eating that precious, organic and full of vitamins fruit yourself).

black currant


So, making something yummy and tasty is a good step forward:)
Also, using simple ingredients is also a good way to achieve the goal. So, this is not a proper recipe for the strawberry and yogurt jelly cake, but more a suggestion how to prepare a simple, tasty, light summery cake, that your kids will eventually love:)

little helper

strawberry cake Using Dr Oetker gelatine sheets, just like suggested on the package(when dissolved in hot water and then cooled, it forms a jelly) you can obtain a very tasteful yogurt cream(of course with adding some sugar in the yogurt first and than adding the gelatin sheets previously dissolved in the water).
For the base of the cake, I used granulated biscuits mixed with some apricot juice( to obtain a solid mixture that can be used instead of the pastry). And for the top, just dissolve the gelatin into any clear juice(I used apple juice), and wait for about 30 min. (place it in the fridge) until it starts to jelly, so that you can place it on the top of the arranged fruit.

strawberry cake

I am sorry if my English is sometimes giving me the hard time in giving you the proper explanations and recipes, even that I am hardly following any recipes and directions when cooking, as well as when sewing...I am always more visual person and like to use imagination, strongly liking to believe that I know what I am doing;)
So, I have tried to search on-line to provide some similar real recipe that can be eventually followed step by step and here are some versions and variations that can be useful:

1. Chilled yogurt cake
2. Mango yogurt pudding cake
3. Berry and banana terrine

strawberry cake

Enjoy, Katarina