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Saturday 29 May 2010

A few things I created for Mikser

ipod bag

Can hardly believe that I am having 3 posts in 3 days!!!The thing is that Marta has been away with her school for one week (they took them to Zlatibor where they had a great time) and she will be back any minute:)))))...so I suppose that I will be blogging once, twice a week, as usual:)

ipod bag

So here I am posting some new cool stuff I made for Mikser-Gradstor purpose, thinking about young people, music festivals, summer, travel etc.

ipod bag

I found these small cases very useful for handling small things, such as MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, money and similar stuff. I have been thinking about the pattern that wouldn't be too much a hassle to sew (talking about the small pieces gathering together) and yet nice to see and comfortable/versatile to wear. Also, that can be for man too (well I suppose not all of the styles I made;)

ipod bag

ipodbag ipod bag ipod bag

As the Mikser is almost over, you can find them for sale (locally) at Gradstor store, Belgrade or on the net , in my flowersnbutterflies ETSY store.

Also, if you want to be notified about when adding new items to my etsy stores, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for them:

For FLOWERSNBUTTERFLIES etsy shop just go HERE to subscribe

and for IWANNABE etsy shop follow THIS LINK to subscribe

fabric button earrings lot

And for the end here are some neat earring studs, made with small, 1 cm fabric buttons, I just LOVE them:) Also available in Gradstor, Belgrade, for now;)

fabric button earrings cherry

fabric button earrings barefoot roses fabric button earrings chocolate lollipop

xo, Katarina

Friday 28 May 2010

Mikser 2010. - Gradstor

me in the sphere ball

I will dedicate this post to the Gradstor, KC Grad and theirs booth on the 3.rd floor of the expo space at Mikser, as I have a lot of accessories exhibited there. So here is invitation for theirs Cocktail party tomorrow and following is the list of the artists featured there:



And here are some pics:







mikser 2010. gradstor...my necklaces

mikser 2010. gradstor...my brooches

mikser 2010. gradstor...my bracelets

mikser 2010. gradstor...my headbands

And now some other pics of different designers and companies:

mikser 2010. mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

mikser 2010.

coin casa

Much more in my flickr :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thursday 27 May 2010

Mikser 2010.


kids and me

MIKSER is a multidisciplinary event, which combines a fair design, talent area, interdisciplinary educational conference, art shows and summer music festival. Mixer is held from 25 to 29 May, in a very attractive industrial zone of the Port of Belgrade and companies flour factory “Zitomlin” on the banks of the Danube river.


It is an absolute MUST SEE event for all creative people, dealing with design and art.


And just like the last year , we(my sister and I) took the kids and went for a visit yesterday. I have been even today there with a friend, to see what I haven't managed to see yesterday:)

kids and my sister

Just arrived, my sister had the brilliant idea to buy the chocolate donuts for kids to eat, and so we spent about an hour of our time and finished a few packages of wet wipes to clean the kids and the mess.....but they were happy and that was the idea:)
So after the bar point, we started the visit and I was pretty amazed after I saw the picture of the kids at the Mikser's official site, among the photo gallery pictures

kids at mikser

I suppose that they were a pretty interesting group of the youngest in the crowd visiting the expo:) I took tons of pics, but in all the rush, I forgot to read all the names of the exhibitants, companies and institutions, so I will just post a few pics of the most interesting things I saw /capture and you can see the rest at my flickr account , at the bottom of the last page.












Also, I will have to post (on a family basis) a few pics dedicated to the Elastoflex-Optimo expo booth , hosting the project If we catch that you yawn, you will be on the wallpaper Everyone can participate, just with sending the yawning pictures on theirs e-mail(all details at the FB page)...so here we go:

zevanje baby

zevanje bianka





I will make a separate post including pics of other neat spaces within Mikser and also the pics of my stuff, exhibited there (and for sale too:)
xo, Katarina