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Friday 26 June 2009

BTS wonderland

As the school is over, it is absolutely time to think about the BTS girly outfit:) Something beautiful, but yet comfy and very practical as well...so here ya go...



I made a small mix and match collection, as a transition into a fall from summer: something super cute for parties, like maybe a patchwork dress, or yet super practical like the reversible apron:)

detail pants



detail pockets


You can see more and read about details by visiting the listings on eBay .

I'm absolutely in love with this Moda's fabric line, and so sorry that I haven't order more (I ordered it as a preorder in march from the Over the Rainbow quilt store), as the line is sold out and some prints are impossible to be found:(.

moda wonderland by momo quilt squares.

But I ordered some prints printed on twill, so can't wait to get them as well:)))
Have a wonderful weekend,
XO, Katarina

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Tennis lessons and some birds


While ago, I blogged about Kalemegdan, a marvelous, large park very close to our house. Well, during this summer season, kids are having tennis lessons there, at the Kalemegdan tennis courts (you have to click on this link, as there are some brilliant pics taken from the air!!!)

tennis lesson

Theirs couch is my friend's sister and they love everything about these lessons:)



To Marta, this is the 3rd year of practice and to Pablo just the first:)

marta and bianka

Bianka is still small for the game, but she love to pick the balls and somehow trying to help during the lesson.

daddy's girl

For me, it was such a reveal the fact that the old walls of bricks surrounding the courts are making a perfect home for many sparrows and other small birds. So, I had an important task imposed by myself to photograph them, even that they were almost equivalent in shades with the brickie background, so it wasn't so easy to get the normal pics....but here are some...

sparrows in love



This one is already better, but will keep on practicing:)))


xo, Katarina

Saturday 13 June 2009


stripe mix

I had some requests for the shirred dresses , so I made a few:) Some are still available, so if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me. Or you can always find some of these in my etsy store

group dresses

detail straps

And here are some pics of one of the dresses modeled.

birds and cage

birds and cage

birds and cage

birds and cage

The great thing about these dresses, is that they can be worn as dress, and even a skirt, thanks to the fact that they have rows of shirring;)

empress woo

empress woo

The school is finally over, so will have the chance to enjoy much more all the summer treats and activities with kids.


Picking the cherries is one of theirs favourites at the moment:)

picking the cherries


Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Playing games in the nebulous kingdom

I can hardly believe that it is 9 June already. I had a few attempts of blogging last week that failed due to many activities in and outside the house in all aspects....Marta is finishing school this Friday and I had to prepare a students exhibition like this one last year ...it will be opened on Friday.
So, I totally missed the chance to blog about the fun launch on ebay from 1-10 June, but you can still check the listings, join the game and bid here. You can see my contribution to the launch HERE,a listing giving the chance to the buyer to create with me his totally custom 4 pc Royal set. I have also uploaded some pics of my one of a kind dresses/set on facebook, so feel free to check it out HERE
Also, you can read everything about the rules and prizes here .
I have finally managed to finish my new wallet, started while ago.Even that I had issues with my sewing machine( but it was my fault, as I placed too much of the interfacing between layers and therefore caused very different layers/levels of fabrics), so had to do all that uneven zig zag stitching across, I just love it:)
my new wallet
Some new things, bags and buttons are listed here
mermaids brooches
fruits badges
betty boop buttons
And the best for the end, how about these pretties?
embroidered buttons roses
xo, Katarina