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Monday 29 December 2008


deer, snowflake and rabbit

Sometime during the October, I had the idea of making some cute ornaments for Xmas, Easter and beyond.....home decorations that can embellish corners of my/your home. I've started with some sketches, playing with fonts and ready made font symbols, used already for so many purposes, but yet so cute and attractive, simply perfect if your time is not allowing you be more creative than that,LOL.

jelen milje....sketch

Of course, the process from the idea to the realization is so long when it is not depending on you...and when you are not sure which material will work best and what process and machines are involved in that- so I got my ornaments ready from the printing-house just a week ago:).

deer, snowflake and bird

As I set up a little shop aside on etsy in October already, I have finally listed my ornaments, here and here.

The name, WannaBe, wasn't available, so it is Iwannabe, my second etsy shop,YAY!!!

avatar w etsy

WannaBE will also be the name of the shop that is about to open here in Belgrade, in Brace Jugovica 2a street, in the very beautiful central part of the city(the second street parallel with the main Knez Mihailova street, going down toward Dorcol), very soon and will be run and owned by one of my best friends, and will also have my stuff for sale;)

Can't wait!!!!

The best part of all is that it will be the first place in Belgrade where you will be able to find some fantastic US designer fabrics as well, which means a lot to me-customs taxes and duties will be the history, at least I hope so!!!!

Kids are anciously waiting for the New Year eve, when Santa will visit them with some more presents(like those Xmas ones weren't enough) and the shool break will begun;).
I had the fashion fair this weekend and I'm working on editing the pics now, so will be back soon with some great stuff to show and tell;)

Have a wonderful week!!!

Thursday 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

deer, snowflake and bird

Wish all the very best in the upcoming year!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful, peaceful and safe Xmas eve!!!
Lots of love,

Sunday 14 December 2008

Christmas prep


xmas6 There is something particularly interesting and great about Xmas time - in my family, we are celebrating Xmas twice-first the Catholic Xmas on 25 December and than the Orthodox Xmas on 7 January (after the old calendar). That is one of the advantages when you are married with someone having the different culture and customs(usages:)



I made a lot of the candy ones, as are the fastest to make and some of the balls, that can be used even as a pincushions after;)


Kids loved the moment of decorating the tree and Marta made some of the Xmas cards for her friends;)

xmas marta

Happy HOLIDAYS!!!!


Tuesday 9 December 2008

City lights


Finally, all the custom orders are finished and shipped and I can dedicate some time for some ordinary stuff, like enjoying the weird weather with having the sky indecisive weather to send some rain or have some sun, decorating the house with kids, enjoying the pre-Christmas time, making some Xmas ornaments and presents and doing some pics just for fun......

City lights

City lights

More of them HERE

xoxo, Katarina