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Sunday 28 November 2010

Alere Modern

alere modern home page

At the very beginning of this month, Alere Modern was opened. More than a year ago, I had a pleasure to chat with it's founder, adorable Caitlin when she said: "I found your work today and just love your animal and snowflake cut-outs. They're so beautiful. I am imagining having a house full of the snowflakes in the winter. It would be wonderful!"

snowflake white

Well, for those dreaming about White Christmas, I think that my snowflakes cuts can contribute in creating the magic:)
Here is my page at Alere Modern site
There are many fantastic artists featured there, please take a look:)))

bambi snowflake

Last year, we didn't make it in time to decorate the Supermarket concept store Window, creating a bit of magic with my snowflakes, but hopefully this year we can try to do it:)
Of course, if that happen, I'll do the pics and let you know:))


Thursday 25 November 2010

Giveaway winner:)

brooch rabbit

First of all, a huge THANKS to all of you who participated in my GIVEAWAY post and as you can see the Random.org chose number 15 and that is Yvonne that said...

"Love your ornaments, especially the acrylic doily animals! Would love to have some."

Yvonne, I will e-mail you now to get your shipping address.

For everyone else who participated and are reading my blog, I am giving you my ETSY Iwannabe Holiday PROMOTION CODE that will save you 20% from all the things in my store:). I had to try this newest tool for Etsy shops and so here it is my first Coupon CODE, just in time for Holidays:


Hugs to all,

Thursday 18 November 2010

Giveaway TIME!!!!

deer, snowflake and bird

Hello friends!!!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I am doing a GIVEAWAY now!!!
I will prepare a neat lot with some of my stuff including ornaments (white, doily and red dots), brooches and earrings. Nice things that can be great for Xmas gift giving, or to keep them for you.

deer circles big and small1

All you need to do is to leave a comment under this blog post until 25. November and I will draw a random winner using RANDOM Generator.

xo, Katarina

Saturday 13 November 2010

That time of the year

bambi snowflake

My poor, neglected blog.....it is hard to believe that I've been away from blogging for almost 2 weeks, but I was extremely busy with so many different things, always trying to push myself too much in so many directions....
With Xmas and Holidays season, I had so many orders that I needed to take care of and we also had a huge studio move and I am still thinking about where and how to settle my printing press, as I really want to make some more prints with it in the future:)
I found so many drawings from elementary and secondary school and it made me think about the years and things behind.

In 2 days I will be one year older and I somehow just hate the fact that the time flies so fast....but, on the other hand to celebrate it, I will be doing next post as a Giveaway, including some of my ornaments;)

bambi snowflake clock

And talking about the ornaments, in my IwannaBE etsy shop, you can find this lovely new addition, Bambi whirlwind snowflake.

xo, Katarina

Monday 1 November 2010

DOILY love

doily cushion

21I had a thing for doilies.
For those following my work, it is well known:)
I have blogged about some doily inspiration a few times here and almost all of my work within the home decor field is based on the doily love as an immense source of the inspiration.
Also, being great fan of Tord Boontje's work and Marcel Wanders work, since the students days, I was easily taken with all the doily inspiration and dreams about what can be created using the doily, artistically and aesthetically.

red and white ornaments framed

Unfortunately, some dreams, ideas and plans in the pocket, can't be fulfilled so fast and easily, as the time to do things, in my case is very limited and I am giving my best to harmonize my time, being divided with professional and private obligations. And therefore, many ideas and plans are only slowly coming to life and here are a few waiting for so long to be finally realized...all having the doily somehow in common:)

wooden doily ornaments

doily clock

doily clock

doily buttons

xo, Katarina