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Thursday 31 May 2012

Girly mix &match

I 've just realized that it's been a long time since posting some pics of the things I sew lately for the shop and I feel like I owe a big excuse to my international customers for my lack of time in updating my etsy shop, but you can always feel free to contact me at nina@likeflowersandbutterflies.com
smaller sizes dress/pink and turquoise
So, my newest girly twirly summer dresses(that can be wear as skirts too) are here, just in time for the summer:)

dress bigger/pink and turquoise

I can hardly wait to be able to sew the dresses and other things with my own fabric. I am trying to finish the 2 collections I 've started working on 2 months ago and as far I came to something that may look like  this:

My Wonderland collection
and this:

Poppy fields collection
xx, Katarina

Thursday 24 May 2012

Sakura branches

All the beautiful pictures of the actual fabric are courtesy of Spoonflower

With a field of 500 entries, it's a special treat to announce that my design "Branches On Lacy Beige Background" made it into the top ten (4th) in the contest for fabric designs created from handmade art. I just can't be happier and can't wait to order this fabric in yardage!!!!

Branches On Lacy Beige Background by katarina
Branches On Lacy Beige Background by katarina
As mentioned previously, there are a few branches patterns in different colourways in my Wonderland collection and I can't wait to show you all the samples from the collection and to start sewing something.
In the mean time, here are the original illustration (scan) of the tree and its branches, that are used to create this pattern.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Katarina xxx

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Tea time

bianka-tea time

Hi friends!!!Aren't kids drawings just the best? I am amazed with my 5 years old and her passion and talent for drawing (especially if copying from her brother and sister;). We are having almost two full weeks of rainy weather here and I got so many new samples, swatches and yardage from Spoonflower and can't wait for the weather to improve, so that I can make some decent pics of the fabrics. Also, I am surrounded by some deadlines and sometimes I am wondering if I placed too much things on my plate, but I know that I will emerge safely, hopefully soon. 

wonderland swatch wonderland girl

Friday 11 May 2012

For the LOVE of the bugs

boys tee-shirt "I ♥ bugs" watercolor version
My boy just LOVE bugs. And I LOVE him. So I found the neat way for us both to share our LOVE. As I LOVE designing and drawing, and sewing, I designed these fun tee shirts with my stag-beetle bugs pattern. Actually he loved helping me designing these:) This cut and sew pattern fabric will be available for sale soon @ Spoonflower and will fits best 5-6T boys. With one yard of wonderfully soft organic cotton Spoonflower fabric, you will be able to sew 4 tee-shirts or with only a fat quarter (28x18" fabric piece )one white background tee. Can't wait to get my yard of fabric and sew these for my boy and my sister's boys too:) The first picture of the tee above is made in watercolour texture and I LOVE it (especially as it mitigates the bugs form that someone might find a bit creepy )                   pattern - template x boys I love bugs tee shirts
Bianka said that she wants a bug shirt too and I asked her to design the shirt with bugs and this is  with what she came: bianka's shirt
I have shared a few times here some bugs LOVE pics and not only and here are some more, as well the last one that served me to design the bugs pattern;) looking for bugs bottle full of bugs bugs bugs bug
Hope you don't mind all the bugs;) For those more girlish oriented, and situated here, in Belgrade here is some useful info regarding my brand. Have a wonderful weekend:)) Katarina

Monday 7 May 2012

More wonderland..

wonderland in action wonderland tea set while drawing
Sorry for the long pause. I was absolutely taken and obsessed by/with the Wonderland illustrations that I created so many designs and watercolour inspired collections:
wonderland 2 as one collection can have "only" up to 35 designs
watercolour dots
watercolour chevrons my favorite one as far
watercolour butterflies and
large scale watercolor summer florals
And the time was wonderful, kids had small Vacation and we spent so much time outside, at the countryside. We had a friends visiting as well. And we had some lovely animal visitors. Little birdie (that made a nest in one angle of the terrace of the house) and not so little green lizard. Kids always have blast there and hate to return to the city. Me too;)

There are the first peonies for this year blooming. So gorgeous.
I should paint some, while in the painting mood:)

So, here are some more Wonderland designs... poppy fresh smaller scale poppies stripe in grey tea time watercolor cathedral window tea time pattern clouds lace watercolor chevron aqua white watercolor butterflies and poppies smaller scale watercolor dots multi stripe poppy field in teal drops teal watercolor cathedral window pattern

Happy May!!!(can't believe it's May already!)
Katarina, xx