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Thursday 29 March 2012

Sweet owls

owl jacquard ribbons

I am so excited about my new addition and addiction-ribbons! It is the beautiful, high quality jacquard ribbon and this is only the test. Can't wait to try the coloured versions and different designs. There are matching fabrics, including even the sew and cut templates-patterns available on Spoonflower.

owls and ribbon

owls fabric pile

owl softies family

owl softies pile

owl softies and fabric

owl softies

owl softies bianka

Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday 20 March 2012

First day of spring!!!

spring flowers

Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier!:) New flowers has sprung and I am looking forward to see more green all around.



It's time to go out to walk and play!!And to celebrate that, here is my newest design on Spoonflower: park the bike and go for a walk . That is also my entry for the Urban sightings contest, organized by Spoonflower and the Textile center. The voting has started! The 45 designs up for voting were selected as finalists by judges from the Textile Center in Minneapolis from a pool of 236 entries. After your vote (please vote), the top ten will appear in an exhibit at the Textile Center. Here is the
link to vote

park the bike and go for a walk

Also, for the fabric hoarders lovers, there is a great contest with a fabric giveaway on Katy's blog and be sure to join it!:)

Here is my selection for the fabric bundle:

Fabrics mish mash x Katy & Pink Castle's Contest

Happy springing!!!

Friday 16 March 2012


patchwork grey pillow panels

I have been doing this for a long time now, at least in my head....some patching....
Making patchwork and patched things is something that beside a few clothes I did here and there and there and even a bit very proudly there, wasn't in my sewing "must do" list. I suppose that people in the fabric world are usually orientated toward clothes or toward quilts. But I think that doing quilts is much more appreciated as every fabric line has a quilt or quilts going with the line, showing the way prints can be matched. So, as I am becoming truly obsessed with fabric design, I think it's about the time to become a bit more obsessed with quilts and patchwork.

And ever since I saw this bag, I knew that I have to try something like that in fabric.
I have started with two fabrics, first light grey animal fabric is my own fabric(the first fabric I designed on Spoonflower), available here and the other cherry blossom is Alexander Henry fabric.

patchwork grey pillow fabrics patchwork grey pillow fabric stripes

I cut the 2"(5 cm) stripes and sew them alternately.

patchwork grey pillow stripes

Then I did that sort of honeycomb cathedral stitching that looks like smocked. I am sure that that style exists with the proper name in the quilting world and would love to know how it is actually called.

patchwork grey pillow finished main piece

patchwork grey pillow close up

I then did the random patching with the rest of the fabric, just like I did with this sofa and have completed the pillow case.

patchwork grey pillow front piece assembled close up

patchwork grey pillow in work

patchwork grey pillow in work

I am loving my first attempt and can't wait to try some more styles and things.

patchwork grey pillow

patchwork grey pillow
Enjoy the weekend,

Monday 12 March 2012

Dolls, dolls, dolls


After creating some fun softie toys and dolls in fabric, my kids and I realized that we can have more fun with toys and fabric. So, I designed some new dolls, just for the start. I firstly wanted to be sure that they can be assembled easily enough to go further with playing with some clothes styles, hair styles and even faces types , colours and styles. It is a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun too.


Here are some first steps...trying some shapes and deciding the best...

dolls...exploring and deciding the best shape

dolls...... in work

the fabric panel....

dolls fabric panel

...and finally the dolls

bianka with dolls


I can hardly wait to create some dino and robot soft toys for my son and other boys too, the time is never enough....

dinos swatch

xo, Katarina

Thursday 1 March 2012


lilac dress

My first daughter, Marta turns 11 today!!!Sounds unreal!!!Already???I am so blessed to have her in my life!!! The 1st of March is always bringing so much joy, not only because it's her day, but also because the February is finally over!! Happy March everyone;)