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Wednesday 28 September 2022

Flowertone quilt pattern

I am so thrilled and excited to launch my newest quilt pattern in my Etsy shop: Flowertone!!!  🌿

This quilt pattern is really so easy and enjoyable to make, as it’s created with units obtained with strip piecing technique. Strip piecing is really just an easier, time-saving method and patchwork technique created by sewing multiple fabric strips together to create a composite unit (a strip set) that is then cut to obtain smaller,  multi-piece segments. Strip piecing eliminates the need to work with small, individual pieces of fabric. 

Prior to cutting your fabric into strips, it is important to check if the fabric edges are straight. To check the edges fold the fabric in half, matching the selvedges. Start cutting strips after ensuring a straight edge at 90° between the WOF and the selvage. Having an accurate seam allowance is necessary for obtaining precise strip sets, especially where multiple strips are sewn together.

This pattern comes in different quilt sizes:

- baby: 16 blocks 
34.5” x 34.5”
- throw: 64 blocks 
66.5” x 66.5”
- bed: 144 blocks 
85” x 85” 

But there's also the possibility to play around the baby size, adding blocks to only two sides rather than all four, making a rectangle shape rather than square.

Blocks are 8.5" x 8.5" unfinished/ 8" x 8" finished size.

This pattern is the second quilt created with my newest fabric collection: Eclectic Intuition, shipping to shops just now, or already available in some. 

During this week, on my Instagram, I will present 9 stunning versions using Flowertone quilt pattern in different Art Gallery Fabrics. 

Quilts were created by my amazing group of testers that I can’t thank enough for all the help, support, engagement and beautiful work on this quilt pattern 

Barbara @missdaisey7 - THROW (attention to her amazing quilting details)

Sewing Arts team: Julie and Rachel @sewingarts - made THROW in three versions - they have the kits available for first two colorful variations in their quilt SHOP 

Kerry @thatssewkerry - BABY
Fabric kit for her version is available from UK shop Cow and Giraffe

Aurora @auroraa1714 - BABY 

Alicia @wildblooms_quiltco - BABY

Sue @vinyardquilts - BABY 

Lynne @tinkingalong - BABY

Mary @embercraftcompany - BABY 

Shantell @shantelllavigne -BABY 

These are just some details of their amazing work, so I suggest to click on their pages to see more and show them some love. 

Also, to celebrate my Flowertone release I decided to do an exclusive Instagram giveaway!🎉 
I will choose 5x2 lucky winners and email the pattern 💚

To enter the giveaway and win this pattern, please just go to my Instagram account - @katarinaroccella and see the details.

* The giveaway will be closed on Thursday, September 29th (12 -noon, Central European time) and winners will be announced there same day.

If interested in purchasing this or any other pattern from my Etsy shop, be sure to enter the code: FAV15 to get 15% off.

Happy fall,


Monday 26 September 2022

Puglia - Ostuni, Alberobello, Locorotondo and Polignano a Mare


At least once a year, we go to Bari, my husband's birth city, and also the city where we were married.

It's located in one of the most beautiful Italian regions-Puglia.

This year, as the weather was a bit tricky and traveling to bitches wasn't a great idea due to crowds and traffic, we decided to visit a few nearby cities: Ostuni, Alberobello, Polignano a Mare and Locorotondo. These are just a few, but really, all small cities are so beautiful, with characteristical architecture and old, pebbled streets.

It's really incredible how popular these cities have become, so many of the typical apartments and houses have become places to rent and stay in vacation.

xx, K.

Toscana vacation

It's been a while since I took some time to post about travel, but this summer we had such an amazing time in Italy, and posting about some great places to visit is always good, even as a reminder to myself;)

Tuscany is always a dream to visit and this time we took some time to explore few cities. We were staying at the Ligurian coast, at the small city called Castiglioncello.

We enjoyed the beach, especially the Quercetano Bay with it's rocky coast and transparent, clean water. 

Italian cities are greatly connected with railway and train can be a great transportation for reaching nearby cities. City of Pisa is only one hour away and Florence one and a half. 

The only thing that I wouldn't recommend if visiting amenities and cities is to choose a calmer period of the year, like spring or fall, as summer crowds and temperatures can really took you to desperation sometimes. Especially if traveling with smaller kids.

Of course, non of these crazy circumstances couldn't spoil our determination to enjoy some amazing sights and treasures, and I will just post pictures now and hopefully, when having more time, I will put more captions.

Italian kitchen is famous by it's delicious meals, and fresh produce is what is a guarantee for successful and amazing food creations.  There are many cities around immersed in beautiful Tuscan mountains and countryside, with beautiful vineyards and great restaurants, so it's very hard to make the wrong decision.

More coming soon,