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Wednesday 25 February 2009



After a few days feeling sick due to the stomach bug, I'm finally back to "normal". So many things has to be done, and the most important is to make all the preparations for Marta's BD party on Sunday.

So between searching the web to find the perfect idea for the cake, making her the costume (she will be Bloom of the Winx) and figuring out how to do her hairstyle, I'm doing some sewing, of course.

I'm finally, having the chance to play with some Ava Rose fabrics in combination with Barefoot roses, both beautiful lines, by Tanya Whelan ;)


I also have the new listing on eBay, lovely summer dress, you can check it HERE

xo, katarina

Saturday 14 February 2009

Happy VALENTINES day!!!


Wishing you all a very special Valentines!!!!Today here, instead of Valentines, it's St.Trifun Saint Tryphon day, the saint guardian of wine and wine growers.


We are totally under the snow here and seems that the winter is back.....

snow heart

Lots of love,

Sunday 8 February 2009

Thinking SPRING....

It is hard to believe that it is almost spring.....we had a few past days very springy, and hot for this time of the year and here and we loved the idea of spending more time outside;)

I listed my first totally custom and also spring set, HERE.

I have some very beautiful spring fabrics and can't wait to use them;)


I was so excited to see some new 2009. spring/summer oli Euro prints, by Bizzkids, which would be just great for some new projects!!!

Have a wonderful week,
xo, Katarina

Monday 2 February 2009

Bits and pieces....

As I have mentioned a few times before, sometime after the Xmas our hard disc was burned
And so all of our computer data-work pictures, informations, children photos etc.....almost all our life together, or at least last 8 years or so....I was really devastated when the guy that took the disc for eventual repair told us that there is nothing that can be done. Than, we found one other firm doing those kind of repairs and now, after more than a month, I know that it CAN be fixed, even that it was burned quite badly. BUT, it will cost a fortune!!! We had several partitions within the disc and we have decided to get saved only one-carrying the most important things, among which-my artistic works, sketches and similar stuff important for my life and artistic background;)


It is just so crazy knowing how almost third part of my life was sort of "saved" in one small part of plastic and realizing that I was totally depending on that. I am so mad that we haven't saved it somewhere, making a back-up, even because this is not the first time that happened to us, only that first time it was different and easier from any point of view.


So, having this nostalgic and panic moments of "all I ever did is gone", I was facing the moments of history.....visiting my messy studio(my graphic-artistic studio)and going through the "memories", or better say-digging under the dust.


I really miss all of those moments of "creating a piece of art"...from the sketches, through the cutting the linoleum till the stage of making the colours, getting the right mood....

colour sketch

For those involved in the process of designing fabrics, this will be familiar phase...thinking in advance how 2 or more colours will melt in the printing process, going on another....



I also found my first catalog, from my first individual exhibition, just after finishing the Academy, in 1998. It was called "Interplay" and was consisting of 16 mix media pieces - collages, drawings, all 50x 70 cm and all made as sketches for my prints.




Can't believe that it was 10 years ago!!!!

But, there is one good thing coming out from all that disc trouble- I started to draw again;) As I can't go through the whole printing process( as it requires a lot of times, and at the moment, having Bianka at home with me, it is just not possible...but hopefully soon:), I started doing some big size drawings (100 x 70 cm) and even thought about organizing a new exhibition:)


BTW, those orange lines above-Pablo draw them with the waxed pencils(indelible ones), at the moment of my distraction....so, it required a bit of changing;)

I took some pics I made, in the outfits I made, that wears the girl I "made"...sort of total design:)


marta back

More to come;)
have a great week, Katarina