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Friday 31 July 2009


svicev fenjer

I have been doing some house cleaning and found my illustrations, made when being a student and attending the Faculty...a bit more than 10 years ago.

svicev fenjer

So, before replacing them in the closet, I made some pics of them and uploaded them to my Flickr . This children book was part of my diploma work, as I got my master degree in graphics(printing) and illustration.

bianka with the book

svicev fenjer I don't have the originals anymore, as it is the property of the faculty, but I have kept one sample/model of how it would be, when/if printed and published....The poem was written by one old friend of my father and it talks about the fire fly who lost its lantern. I wanted it to be a 3D book, partly pop-up book, partly something that could be a space(making the borders, when totally open) for kids to play within. I also had the idea to make the puppets, like the main characters from the book. It was made in 1998. It was supposed to be published and I made a few conversations with some publishers, but than, due to the Nato aggression, it all remained uncompleted and therefore, unpublished:(

svicev fenjer

The other illustrations, those to follow, were created in 1996., they are also collages, inspired by the Never ending story , my favourite childhood book.

beskrajna prica beskrajna prica beskrajna prica

beskrajna prica beskrajna prica beskrajna prica

If you haven't read the book yet, you just have to, the kids will also love it. So great as the summer reading with kids:)
Have a lovely weekend, Katarina

Monday 27 July 2009

Kiddy things

Body painting

pablo & bianka: drawing each other

In the bliss , moment of my computer addiction , they made some tattoos all over...body, face and clothes included;)

pablo's hands

They were pretty silent, they grabbed the moment that Marta was absent and I was on the computer, they took red felt tip from "Marta's stash", one of those yummy, bold and inviting ones and they really enjoyed the moment of creativity and freedom.


Playing and laughing

pablo & bianka laughing

I love these moments, when they can actually play together...

bianka bianka bianka
...even that those moments pretty soon goes from laughing to crying , because they always want to play with the same thing...

pablo i bianka

Drawing and furniture re-styling


While my sister repainted some old, wood chairs, Marta repainted one as well.

marta's chair

I absolutely think that she did a brilliant job, from selecting the colours till designing the "pattern"

marta's chair

She even started doing one table, painting it first in white and than drawing on the top, but it's still unfinished, so she didn't allow me taking the picture:)

kids table

Have a great, creative week, Katarina

Wednesday 22 July 2009

ROYAL costume

Cascade tulle skirt/dress

A few weeks ago, I set up this listing on eBay. So for the winner, I had to create totally custom 4pc Royalty outfit.

Cascade tulle skirt/dress

I was so lucky and happy to work with my sweet repeat customer(she won the Elphaba costume as well, last year) Mary, who gave me the hands free to do something stylish, royalish, but also something smart, eloquent, and totally outrageous like Marie Antoinette would have worn. She said:"It could be like going to a fancy, yet somewhat demure, executive meeting, and then taking off the serious layers to reveal a party animal after hours"...

Cascade tulle skirt/dress

Originally uploaded by aerynsun4ever

She found a great sites with many fantastic gowns from different films, this one , and this one and she told me that her FAV is the Breathe gown from the Ever After film.

So, I was in awe...that dress was the pure perfection, simple but yet so rich....and the colour was just perfect!!!So, I took that as a starting point in my search for the fabric and idea to create the total look and entire outfit, or better say collection of outfits and I made a few sketches

After buying some sumptuous fabrics, I completed the buy with some gorgeous trims, which actually inspired the entire collection:)

I wanted to give to the outfit that touch of old, vintage, brass coloured fabrics and on the other hand, as it was the childish outfit, a touch of pink, in this case in my preferable shade of the dusky pink.

So, I started creating the
1. gown, party one
2. the jacket-inspired by the Breathe dress
3. the tiered tulle skirt/dress
4. over skirt
5. organza cape
6. accessories: socks spats, clippies and neck choker

I was also very lucky b/c her daughter, Bella is just 4-5" smaller and a bit larger in chest, so the outfit will fit her much better than to Marta, but yet I was able to take pictures of this One Of A Kind set for the memory.

Breathe inspired

Breathe inspired

Breathe inspired

I just love the Marie Antoinette inspired party mini-gown with its over skirt or without it.

Marie Antoniette party gown

Marie Antoniette party gown

Oh, and the fun lacy socks spats?

Marie Antoniette party gown

Hope that Bella will enjoy her outfit:)
xoxo, katarina

feature at inventing weddings

PS I have just made the listing on etsy, offering OOAK 4pc couture set, you can check it out HERE and it is featured here and here

Sunday 19 July 2009

Coriander love

coriander love

Either ways, I just LOVE how the coriander plant looks!!!There are some plants that have always amazed me regarding the shape, and therefore being so inspirational for me. But in the picture above it seems that it can be suitable for love in other way, at least for bugs,LOL!!!






I just love the way coriander drops its shade, becoming totally surface in shape, so appropriate for drawings, sketches etc....I also love other amazing natural creations...with awesome structures...



Yes, I have been doing a lot of it recently. Enjoying and relaxing, making photos and sketches and making new plans, eventually:)



I have been sewing as well, so happy to be able finally to finish with my orders(almost all of them) and will make the next post about my recent royal outfit. I think my best as far. But, please stay tuned to judge:)

xoxo, katarina

Thursday 16 July 2009

The commercial

raining and Pablo

So, after the rain finally stopped pouring, we can confirm that the summer has arrived. And it is just too hot outside!!!


2 days ago we've been doing another commercial. This time, Marta was engaged only and of course she couldn't wait for it to happen, since they told her about that about one month ago. Because of all the rain, they had to wait for some sunny days to be able to shoot outside.

marta i vasa

The first commercial should be on TV any time now, and I will certainly post it.


I was so happy that this time they have choosen for her to wear one of my dresses, and she had the best time pretending to be just the daughter of the main actor in the scene where she and the other girl are riding him, LOL..(it was the actors idea for the scene where he just has to say:"These are my kids")

pablo i marta

Of course, Pablo was thrilled to be there with us, as the house that was hosting the filming was ideal for kids to play. It was litterally heaven's playground;)



xo, Katarina