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Monday, 21 November 2022

Botanist fabric collection


Wander through enchanted woodlands and blossoming meadows inspired by the beauty of nature. Revel in lush textured shades of spruce green, blushing pinks, misty grays and rich umbers. These playful botanicals and leafy foliage will transport you to an idyllic paradise. 

Botanist fabric collection for AGF is already available in stores and I am so excited to start sewing with it. When I receive new fabrics, I am always eager to photograph them nicely before cutting. I tried to add a bit of texture illusion to some of them and I hope that these pics can show that aspect too.

I just love these subtle and subdued colors and tones that just nicely goes with this autumnish collection.
I especially love the combination of the spruce greens with light dusty pinks!
And in case you are interested in matching Pure solids, here's my list, and a photo;)

I hope that these fabrics will inspire you to create, I certainly can't wait to show you my projects!

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Eclectic Intuition


Now that Eclectic Intuition collection is available (after a delay caused by shipping problems), I thought that I should finally post a few pics of the collection itself, as well as the picture and list of the coordinating pure elements.

This collection makes part of the AGF Season of Tribute which is envisioned as a special homage to AGF designers and their most memorable prints -bringing these new recolored and rediscovered collections.

Like going through a book, each designer has their own chapter, with a title that represents their true spirit, a special color palette true to them, and a curation of the very best designs represented as one collection for each — there’s even a special selvedge for each “chapter”. 

I love the name of mine and here are the prints that were most loved and chosen for this group.

Beautiful collection look book is available and it's packed with so many amazing, inspirational photographs and projects!

Here are some pure elements (pictured below) that I found closest to the color hues used in the collection:

Snow white
White Linen
Mystic grey
Lavender water
Raw gold
Sweet fig
Potter’s clay
Sweet fig
Rock candy
Verve violet
Very Berry
Field of lavender
Blueberry zest
Night Sea

Another great thing regarding this collection and it's substrates is that it has 3 flannels and 1 rayon. 
These are my first available flannel prints and I really love how soft they are-I immediately had to use one (Stamped Grove) for the quilt backing on my Flowertone quilt and loved it!


Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Flowertone quilt pattern

I am so thrilled and excited to launch my newest quilt pattern in my Etsy shop: Flowertone!!!  🌿

This quilt pattern is really so easy and enjoyable to make, as it’s created with units obtained with strip piecing technique. Strip piecing is really just an easier, time-saving method and patchwork technique created by sewing multiple fabric strips together to create a composite unit (a strip set) that is then cut to obtain smaller,  multi-piece segments. Strip piecing eliminates the need to work with small, individual pieces of fabric. 

Prior to cutting your fabric into strips, it is important to check if the fabric edges are straight. To check the edges fold the fabric in half, matching the selvedges. Start cutting strips after ensuring a straight edge at 90° between the WOF and the selvage. Having an accurate seam allowance is necessary for obtaining precise strip sets, especially where multiple strips are sewn together.

This pattern comes in different quilt sizes:

- baby: 16 blocks 
34.5” x 34.5”
- throw: 64 blocks 
66.5” x 66.5”
- bed: 144 blocks 
85” x 85” 

But there's also the possibility to play around the baby size, adding blocks to only two sides rather than all four, making a rectangle shape rather than square.

Blocks are 8.5" x 8.5" unfinished/ 8" x 8" finished size.

This pattern is the second quilt created with my newest fabric collection: Eclectic Intuition, shipping to shops just now, or already available in some. 

During this week, on my Instagram, I will present 9 stunning versions using Flowertone quilt pattern in different Art Gallery Fabrics. 

Quilts were created by my amazing group of testers that I can’t thank enough for all the help, support, engagement and beautiful work on this quilt pattern 

Barbara @missdaisey7 - THROW (attention to her amazing quilting details)

Sewing Arts team: Julie and Rachel @sewingarts - made THROW in three versions - they have the kits available for first two colorful variations in their quilt SHOP 

Kerry @thatssewkerry - BABY
Fabric kit for her version is available from UK shop Cow and Giraffe

Aurora @auroraa1714 - BABY 

Alicia @wildblooms_quiltco - BABY

Sue @vinyardquilts - BABY 

Lynne @tinkingalong - BABY

Mary @embercraftcompany - BABY 

Shantell @shantelllavigne -BABY 

These are just some details of their amazing work, so I suggest to click on their pages to see more and show them some love. 

Also, to celebrate my Flowertone release I decided to do an exclusive Instagram giveaway!🎉 
I will choose 5x2 lucky winners and email the pattern 💚

To enter the giveaway and win this pattern, please just go to my Instagram account - @katarinaroccella and see the details.

* The giveaway will be closed on Thursday, September 29th (12 -noon, Central European time) and winners will be announced there same day.

If interested in purchasing this or any other pattern from my Etsy shop, be sure to enter the code: FAV15 to get 15% off.

Happy fall,