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Sunday 26 September 2010

Misty morning

rain drops

Last week we had a lot of rain, and so I was able to take many pics of the rain drops in the spider webs, at Fruska gora. They are so inspiring, looking like the beads on the strand.

rain drops

The only thing I can say is that I wish I had a macro lens!!!!

rain drops

xoxo, Katarina
PS I got the great news regarding my solo exhibition and I got the spot in great gallery in the center of Belgrade...it makes me so happy:)

Friday 17 September 2010

Tea party


During this summer, mostly during the month of July, I was intensively working on some new drawings, as I need to organize the solo exhibition next year. And that means that I firstly had to make the stuff to expose and than participate in the contest for the individual exhibitions and eventually win ( I will know that hopefully next week:)


The last individual exhibition I had was back in 2006. which makes a very big "hole" for my artistic carrier and even that I had many group exhibitions during each year, non having often solo shows may have the negative impact on my professional carrier as a teaching assistant (having solo exhibitions in the same teaching field is crucial for artists that teach something...as in that way we are "gaining the points", indispensable for eventual building up of the carrier:)

Ok, so I have imagined this exhibition as a Wonderland......from all the aspects....ideological, thematic and visual and I have prepared ten large drawings and a few smaller ones as part of this “Wonderland” cycle. I will not reveal the drawings now, even that some you may be able to see or here or in my flickr, but rather the 3D objects that will accompany the drawings.

Tea party set

They are imagined as the part of the Mad tea party and they wonderfully integrate the cycle and drawings, as are made with the same old graphic prints and pieces of papers and fabric. The tea party cups, plates and pots are firstly created with the simple cardboard and than are sculptured in Papier-mâché technique, previously with tin plain paper and than with different patterned papers.

tea time set in work tea time set in work tea time set in work

This is only one set, that I truly enjoyed creating, playing with paper and fabric and can't wait to create the entire big set and hopefully to see it exhibited somewhere:)


Have a wonderful weekend,

Monday 13 September 2010

Upside down

upside down

It is so weird how in just 2 weeks the things around has changed.
From the very beginning of this month, fall suddenly arrived. And for the first time after 9 years, I found myself being without kids at home during the morning, as Bianka started the kindergarten. It both made me feel very happy (as now I have more time to dedicate to house and my work), but also a bit sad knowing that they aren't so small any more.....and that they are growing so fast....
Hopefully I will be able to organize my sudden "free time" best possible and to recuperate some projects left on the way.....

xo, Katarina

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Hello tinytoadstool


"Hello tinytoadstool" is an art project created and organized by fabulous Shan Shan that creates very original and gorgeous stuff, among them very beautiful felt berets.


Her art project named “hello, tinytoadstool" is conceived in way that the beret travels the world. It was firstly sent from Japan to Greece back in March this year.

the beret has arrived to Belgrade the beret has arrived to Belgrade

The tinytoadstool beret is sent to a person, and after taking 3 photos, the person sends the beret to the next person……

The photos should be:
- first one is a self portfolio from the waist up with tinytoadstool beret on head.
- second one is a self portfolio in front of the symbol of it's country or town with the tinytoadstool beret on head.
- third one is conditions free

nebojsa's tower

Two pics I've chosen including some sort of symbols of Belgrade are taken within one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Belgrade, Kalemegdan park.

So the monuments are:

Victor statue-"This statue, holding a dove of peace on one hand and a sword of war in the other hand, and looking forward across the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, and over the vast Pannonian plain, towards the very distant Fruška Gora mountain, towards at the time, Austro-Hungarian empire, is probably the most powerful, most popular visual symbol of Belgrade"

Nebojsa tower and view to the Danube river-" Nebojsa Tower was used as Turkish prison. It was Donjon at the time of Serbian kings. Famous Greek revolutionary and poet Rigas Feraios was killed here by Turks. Tower is build as a water tower.
It was set in waterline of Danube (in time of its construction river has some different course). It was connected via huge chain with U shaped tower (that only remains left) and thus closed little "hidden" port.
Tower itself changed its image very much from original - last floor is changed, tower lost crenelation and matriculation (terraces with holes in floor for defending purpose) and new tower get new openings in each floor for artillery use."

Hello Tinytoadstool!

So here you could see some of my pics, for all the info and pics of the project, please read and see more at Shan Shan blog and I will be uploading some more pics with beret over HERE.

xoxo, Katarina