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Thursday 29 January 2009

Sugar snap launch on ebay

It has started, 2 days ago:)
There are 60+ designers involved in this ebay launch and you can check all the listings HERE


We were so lucky, having the chance to chat at the group board and get to know a bit better Melissa Averinos, designer behind this beautiful fabric line. She is such a lovely person and of course, awesome designer;)

sugar snap royal dress

I have 6 listings active and you can check them all by clicking on the side bar's pics. From elegant to whimsy, child to adults, there is something for all:)

bag wallpaper

Looking forward to see Melissa's new line and always so nice to read and look at her yummy blog HERE .
xo, Katarina

Sunday 25 January 2009

Sugar snap bags

kimono bag

Some new finished clutch bags, made with Sugar snap line by Melissa Averinos.

wallpaper bag

I'm getting ready for the upcoming ebay launch, featuring this beautiful fabric line.

kimono bag inside

I like the look of this cute bags, not small and not big, just perfect to carry some most important stuff... and regarding the pattern, something more here...


I also made the cute little jewelry/accessorie set, including bracelet and ring, adjustable in size.


More to come:)
xo, Katarina

Friday 16 January 2009



There is a huge eBay launch, featuring Andalucia fabrics by Patty Young. She did an awesome job with her debut fabric line and the fabrics seems to be a MUST for the upcoming season. Just click on the banner above to get you directly to the listings, including 100+ designers.

flamenco shoes

Andalucia line is inspired by Andalucia region in Spain, designs are bold, colours are vibrant and beautiful.


You can go to my listings, clicking on the side bar or simply by clicking here to go directly to see all the listings, including the M2M accessories.

dress flowers hair





...un update....

2 more OOAK Andalucia sets just listed


Gaucho set and flaire patchwork stripe pants


...some more accessories...



xo, Katarina

Sunday 11 January 2009

In and out(side)


While I'm waiting praying for our disc to be eventually fixed, I've been doing some calligraphy work....well not really writing, but rather drawing the letters to make some diplomas for one cultural institution, here in Belgrade.



This is something I've been doing since being the student at the Academy and calligraphy is one of the reasons I wanted to attend the Graphic department. Now days, unfortunately, computer fonts are substituting the hand writing and I'm not having the chance very often to use some of my skills, that I'm found of very much;)


I like this process of preparing everything, from copying the letters till filling them with ink, than glue and finally adding some "gold leaves"(used for saint icons and fresco paintings) to obtain a bit of old, relief, vintage like, patina look






Marta loves it as well, always being very faithful follower;)

marta drawing

As the kids are still on Vacation and outside is still very cold and snowy, I'm also trying to take some time and take them to the garden of my mom's place, where the snow is always clean....


They enjoy playing for some 30 minutes, after which period becomes impossible to stay...



Yesterday night, Marta and I, have been watching the snowboard event, hosted in our street, Kapetan Misina, just a few meters under our building.

And you can see the video here

xoxo, Katarina

Friday 2 January 2009

Take away Fashion

moda decembar

Last Saturday of the last Year, I had the pleasure to participate into New Year's edition of Take away Fashion.

moda decembar

moda decembar

The pleasure wouldn't be so overwhelming if it wasn't for my first meeting with such a sweetheart Zorica "filzlaus" . She lives in Austria, but she is born and grew up here, so we had our little 4 hours chit-chat in our language, which was great. You can see all the beautiful things she make and sells in her blog, flickr, da wanda and etsy shop.

moda decembar

moda decembar zorica i ja

The event lasted from 12-22 h so I must say that after 10 hours in pretty low outside temperature( -3 C that is 27 Fahrenheit ), that caused also low traffic inside, I just couldn't wait to pack and go to the warm place called home.

I have prepared so many things to show (and sell:), but unfortunately the space we had in disposal wasn't very handy for all that, so many lovely things remained just "unseen", which sort of gave me the lesson to maybe try to organize my own personal exhibition in the future......which will be one of the early goals for the 2009.;)

bracelets lot1

bracelet cuff lot

I uploaded the bracelets here and the tulle skirts here at the bottom of the page, and have edited the pics for some clippies and headbands yesterday and wanted to upload them today, but my hubby had the thrilling news for me this morning-our major computer disc carrying so many pics regarding all my work-even the graphics, sketches etc(which is the most important) had gone literally to fire(even having the best cooler) yesterday evening, so I will have to strongly hope that it is only the cable thing and not something to do with all the data etc:(

barefoot roses shabby skirt

skirts detail

The skirt you can find for sale here and it is available in adult size as well;)

Have a wonderful and creative 2009. Year!!!!!