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Monday 29 March 2010


spring blossoms1

Finally spring is springing over here and we are enjoying some great sunny days:)

spring blossoms

Yesterday, there was such a nice event in our street, gathering many people offering many interesting activities for kids and adults.

jevremova parade1

jevremova parade

jevremova parade2

jevremova kuca pavlovica

We are in the middle of packing as we are going to Italy, to spend some time and Easter Holidays with my hubby's family, just like the last year.

Wish you a wonderful Easter and hope to "see you again" in 2 weeks;)
xo, Katarina

Friday 26 March 2010

My ornaments in Elle DECOR magazine

elle decor cover

elle decor page A few days ago, I got the message from my friend Antea that my plexi ornaments are featured in the current, March 2010. issue of the Elle DECOR magazine. But, they haven't signed the artist...(that is me).....as they took the photos of the home of the stylist Jovana Bozovic(who bought the ornaments from me)........and so my ornaments where shown as part of her home decor pieces. Which is really fine and flattering me, but I happen to find a bit not so nice from who ever is responsible for the editorial and the story, that they haven't write something like: the plexi silhouette ornaments are made by the local designer or anything similar, as this is what was written on the next page, aside of the headband fascinator piece made by the local designer for Jovana, that was pictured as well in her home. The thing is that, as Jovana is also the designer of some home decor items and text at the same page is saying that many of her home living pieces are the pieces handmade by her, I just find this a bit confusing, and I certainly wouldn't like that somebody, (reading the article and not being familiar with my work), may think that I am copying her.....(and I had some similar reactions, which I certainly didn't like and that brought me writing all this)
So, I will be contacting the editor of the magazine and see what they will tell me.

elle decor ornaments

As the Etsy EURO week is over, as well as voting , just wanted to THANK you all who voted for my ornaments , it really made my week:)

xo, Katarina

Friday 19 March 2010

Who rules EURO week...Etsy VOTER

euro voter
Please if you are an etsy user and have a minute to log in and vote, please vote for my plexi ornaments , choosen for the "Who rules Euro Week"

Please, vote HERE

rabbit lacy

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!!!
xo, Katarina

Wednesday 17 March 2010

A few recent features

alice bottle

Before I forget, I thought it might be neat to share some of the recent features of my stuff on the net.....
so, you might like to check THIS Alice themed Etsy interview feature , called Alice in Wonderland Fantasies With MathildaCraft

Alice in Wonderland

Also, another Alice themed feature HERE by DarkPonyDesigns and another one HERE by Babyology (seen thanks to Skrabalica:)

features poppy

Than THIS poppy themed feature by feathers and cupcakes.
She featured my leather poppy shoe clips

sugar snap royal dress

Also, sweet Melissa Averinos has choosen 2 of my items made with her gorgeous Sugar snap fabric to show off along with her interview HERE on the
scoutie girl blog.

And talking about this dress and Marta posing, I have made a drawing based on that photo. It was pretty big drawing,( dimensions 80x108 cm) and it was shown at the Biennial of Drawings and Small Plastics in Belgrade in September 2009. Unfortunately, they shamefully cut both sizes of the drawing from 80 cm to 70 cm to fit the available glasses/borders and it is totally ruined now regarding composition-Marta is almost left without one feet and one arm:(

Here is the drawing anyway....

And where is the bird

xo, Katarina

Saturday 13 March 2010



We are still in winter. Full time......it seems that this winter will last forever. And I really like snow. Especially to look at: in all the forms and I truly enjoy the snow creations.

snow city


snow rain


follow me

But I suppose that this winter is over...finally.....and even that I was longing to make some more winterish pics(it is crazy how sometimes snow is melting so fast and even the moment of time to take the camera and shoot, the view changes:(, I think that I am ready for spring:)

xo, Katarina

Sunday 7 March 2010

Glittery games

Kids certainly do the most incredible things...like playing with glitter powder, just after cleaning the house.....

And glitter powder is VERY impossible difficult to wash....so in the moment of not knowing how to act, I just took my small camera to take some proofs, chill out and take it all in positive way;)

Hope you are having a wonderful March,
xo, Katarina

Monday 1 March 2010

Birthday girl

9 years old

She turned 9 today!!!!I'm so proud of her!!! Here are some pics of her when she was little;)

9 years old

With love,