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Friday 29 October 2010

Corpse bride

Corpse bride bag

Corpse Bride (often known as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride) is a 2005 musical stop-motion-animation fantasy film directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton.

I had a big pleasure this year to create this costume for Jess, one lovely little girl and Marta modeled it, before I did some final touches on the veil, upon Jess's request;)
Jess loved it and she will be wearing it for this Halloween.

Corpse bride veil

Corpse bride

Corpse bride

Happy Halloween to all!!!:)

Thursday 21 October 2010

Random fall loveliness

winter branches

leaves and boots Today is an perfect fall day. Finally some sun appeared after a few gloomy, rainy days and I've realized that I haven't posted any picture of this fall season's loveliness. So here are just a few things I cherish so much during the fall season...like crunching crispy leaves beneath my boots as I follow my kids during the walk in the park, admiring the nature changing colours, eating some season's yummy fruits....or celebrating my son's BD...and even waiting.....




Supermarket concept store, Visnjiceva 10, Belgrade

Hope your fall is wonderful as well,

Friday 15 October 2010

RAIN FASHION – workshop by Vahida Ramujkić

"so when you hear it thunder,
don't run under a tree..."
(Pennies from heaven)

rain skirt workshop

rain skirt workshop On Monday, Marta and I had a pleasure of meeting lovely and so talented Vahida Ramujkic , designer behind the umbrella skirt project. We had a chance to make a chic skirt out of brought umbrella, with a little help from her professional assistance, ideal for rainy days or as a present.

rain skirt workshop

rain skirt workshop Here is the exception from original text by Aviv Kruglanski:
"Autumn is here and after hot long summer clouds begin to gather. On rainy and windy days that are coming, textile ecology and GRAD deliver us a unique opportunity. The next time it pours, wait for it to calm down a bit, and walk out on the street fearless! It’s a perfect moment for umbrella “harvest”! We go out to “harvest”, “armed” with scissors or penknives in the raincoat. When we find a broken umbrella, we recover the fine material from the metal frame. At this point we are interested in the waterproof hexagonal material."

Here is the Winnie de Pooh skirt we made for Marta and she loved it:)

And now, just because we have this lovely skirt, I can even say sometimes: "I hope it rains":)
xo, Katarina

Monday 11 October 2010

Red polka dots ornaments

red dots bambi deer

After these ornaments, now we have even some more of white dots on red in the Iwannabe shop.

red dots lot

They are perfect addition to the doily ones and I think just in time for the Xmas decorations.

red dots bambi

red dots rabbit

And new packages available as well in the Iwannabe shop.


Here is my newest treasury on etsy TEAL and RED featuring my new ornaments;)

etsy treasury in teal and red

Saturday 2 October 2010

Cake toppers

birds couple

It's been a long time since I wanted and planned to do these. I had the request from the Brides magazine and now each couple of these is on its way to NYC. W'll see what happens:)

deer and doe couple

These animal figures can be used as a home decoration as well, perfect for gift giving.
I had many etsy convos in past, requesting my plexi ornaments without holes, so I think that these are the great addition.

Oh, and I finally made the packaging boxes for the ornaments that are made in natural craft cardboard, but will post the picture soon:) Hopefully will make some stamps soon as well.

white deer

Happy weekend,