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Saturday 26 July 2008

My first give-away post

We are preparing to leave to Greece the place above, in a few hours, for well deserved vacation;)
So, I will be MIA for 2 weeks, and celebrating my 50th post, I wanted to do my first give-away;). I will be giving one accessorize set consisting of :

1. bracelet or necklace
2. headband
3. pair of pins

You will pick fabrics/colours/sizes...so the choice is yours and I will create your custom set;)-for you or your little girl(s)

lollipop bracelet

group headbands

3 lolli pins

So, all you need to do is leave a comment in this post and I will pick one winner after getting back, on 10 August.
I'll miss you all!!!!


Sunday 20 July 2008

Antique GOLD gown


My latest design, on eBay.

08 I had so much fun creating this dress and truly enjoyed it, and maybe I will be creating some of these elegant dresses more often in the future;).
Must say that beside a lot of time engaged in creating it, I spent a lot of money for all the fabrics and other material. Just that beautiful embroidered dupioni silk with pearls costs 50$ per meter and it was a bit difficult to work with it, as it has all those 3D embroidered beads, that when it comes to serge or sew near, it was just like taking them off and later on putting them back:(
But I really like the result, and so does Marta, who was refusing to take it off after shooting,LOL.



Taking about taking pics, I also had a bit of trouble, that looking at it now, can also be called luck??? Ok, I've chosen the perfect place for the session, the vintage rusty gate, that is just the building next to my mom's;)


I took my mom's vintage gold mirror and a chair...all that was giving me the sense and look of a bit vintage in style and all darkish, with patina.....I wanted that gold shade of the dress to pop-up!!! Oh, I was so excited and even spoke before with a friend about some tips how not to get that overexposed look of the outfit, due to the fact that it was a lot of sunlight coming to the gate and also the fact that I don't have a profy camera to shoot with, so it was all based more to the instinct and good luck, I suppose.


So, while I was setting the parameters on my camera, I accidentally choose as sensibility ISO 1600, and all my shoots ended with big grainy look:(. I was so angry with me, even because I really like them, I mean the composition and the light and the atmosphere (reminding me of the Vermeer paintings....)



Anyway, I had to redo the pics next day (which wasn't so fun like the mirror ones, but at least they are more beautiful sharp), in the neighborhood, as well, just where I took the pics of my Royal gown last year;)




Friday 18 July 2008



On Saturday, we've been at the concert of the group Cluster. They were among the finalist in the reality show X factor in Italy.


The concert was great, and you can hear something I registered here

and here

or even listen the whole song of Depeche mode in theirs performance here.

They don't have instruments to play, but are producing the music with theirs voices...


Another great thing was the scenery...the stage design, as the concert was held in the open studio of Film 87 in big park Kosutnjak, always in Belgrade;).


It is all builded for the filming reasons, and it is the Reconstruction of the old Roman city....so beautiful!!!!And the funny thing is that my sister, who is a stage designer, was involved in construction of the project;)





I wish I had my new gold gown ready than to take pics there, as the place is like heaven for taking pics, but I had to do it just in the neighborhood....but will keep it for another post;)...here is just a sneak.....



Tuesday 15 July 2008

Christmas in July


Just a brief post...as I just have 3 new listings on eBay. I made a dress, palazzo pants and cute crochet hat(well my granny did it and I embellished it;). I used secret Santa fabrics by Bernadex in shades of purples, greens and blues...but have the fabrics from same collection in reds and greens, so maybe later will think of something with these too!!!


I was invited by so sweet and talented Rachel of My deep blue C to join absolutely the most fantastic eBay group, AnthologyInc for this great launch.


The launch is celebrating Christmas and there are so many incredible listings coming up!!! Check them out!!!!

Also, you can sign up to my mailing list and receive 50 % off on shipping for all July purchases in my shops;)

If you want to subscribe, please, just CLICK HERE

I'm also preparing the elegant Christmas version....portrait dress in gold....in a few days;)


Thursday 10 July 2008



It is getting HOT, hot over here and we are all eagerly expecting the 27 of July, when going to Greece, on vacation;)
I'm trying to finish all my projects: some ordered twirly skirts, headbands, bibs....

twirly barefoot roses

ruffles barefoot roses bibs 2 rosestripe

Of course, in beautiful Tanya's fabrics from Barefoot roses line

I finally made myself a new bag,too;) that can be order as a custom in my etsy

Marta and me

I was so lucky to got recently from Christine her new Summertime pattern available at Farbenmix and to do some test sewing....and I love it;)



Inspired by this juicy fruity fabric by Alexander Henry, I created some jewels, great for summer, available in my etsy too.


Looks yummy, don't you think???

And talking about yummy things, how about this delicious zucchini made on barbecue???


And also those delicious Peaches and cherries in Light Syrup Fruit made by my mom;O)


kajsija Kids loves them so much and the BEST thing is that the fruit is absolutely free of all toxins etc, as it comes from our garden;)...something like-directly from the trees......


As we have a river Danube very close to our weekend house, kids enjoyed the moments of walking through the water...it's not like the sea, but it is nice having the possibility to "chill the feet's" during the summer days


xo, Katarina

Sunday 6 July 2008

Baby booties contest


mm1 I have just submitted my entry for the Michael Miller booties contest . There are so many amazing pairs of Baby boots posted and I'm sure that the jury will have to make a very hard decision!!! There are some great prizes to win too, but you can read all here .......


More photos of my booties here

I've just turned back from the country side, so I will try to post tomorrow some other goodies I made during the last week;)