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Tuesday 30 September 2008


1 After the costume season, I'm returning back to "normal". Tonight, my Elphaba costume will have a winner, and I can't wait to alter it for the lucky winner and after that to create some more fall/winter clothes;)
In the meantime, you can see some freshly listed stuff, always here...featuring cute Owls;).
Oh, and you have to see this beautiful knitted hat , made by my UK friend, Kim. I ordered these for my kids and since than, they are barely taking them off,LOL...not to talk about the sweetest compliments they get;)



Regarding stepping down into the fall/winter season, I finally ordered something for me;)

It was the love on the first sight, and you can see some better views by clicking here. I love that vintage, retro style and that cute little perforated holes(there must be the specific word for this in English, but sorry, just can't find it). I will have to make the matching bag, once they arrive;)...speaking of wich, I think that I can share now some cute bags I made for the recently held fair

jeja's bag

This one above, I gave to my sister as a BD present, so I made other 2 in similar pattern/design.

amy bag

bag grey

Will make them available in my etsy store soon:)


Saturday 27 September 2008

Fairy, witch or just the goddess??


A bit of everything....mixed up in one listing on eBay.
If you remember, my Vacation post, you were able to see some of the pictures I took of the white dress.


I firstly made some pics of the dress, just as it was, inspired with the Hellenic goddess Nike and just as I liked...natural and simple, with a bit of the the Vintage touch...perfect for some portrait shoots;)




But, than, I added some details etc, making the dress being more fairy and dreamy




And well, as it will be totally customly made, I added the version/possibility to have it in black or some other preferable colour, making her feel very beautiful and unique for that special occasion;)...

xo, Katarina

Sunday 21 September 2008

being WICKED.......

Ok, I finally listed something that I was working on for one week.


I was so lucky, being invited to take part in the fabulous launch with the Clovergirls on eBay, having Wicked musical as the theme for the launch. When I started reading and looking the pics from the musical, I immediately realized that I wanted to give my vision of Elphaba doing the child witch costume.



Of course, the whole thing wouldn't have such an impact, if it wasn't for my friend, Piki who make these stunning pics.You can visit his website here.
Here is one of these-sort of behind the scenes, while shooting;)...it 's me giving to Marta some suggestions,LOL


Hope you'll like them all, as much as I do!!!We had so much fun in his studio and he actually give me his camera to try it and do a few shoots....I loved it, and it was that kind of the experience that immediately interfered to my wish list plans-substituting the embroidery machine being on the first place with a better camera with lens;)


Friday 19 September 2008

Take away fashion

I can hardly believe that one week passed....I'm so behind!!!!Everything!!!
In this post, I wrote something about this great event, that I was so lucky take part in;)



I made a lot of accessories, and some new twirly skirts, and I met some other artist doing some great things, and you can see some pics here, going to the bottom....

We had so much fun, but I was extremely tiered ones it was over. Now, still trying to catch the string of things and live my sort of "normal" insane normality-combining family and art, mixing a bit of custom made things in both,lol.

TTYS, promise!!!!


Saturday 13 September 2008

Poppy fields

My new listings, on eBay.

I made this outfit a few months ago, but never find enough time to list it and after that, to recreate it!!! Marta is so happy when wearing it, we both love it, and she is getting so many compliments when wearing it;)





Love the pics I made too!!!!

I will try to post tomorrow about my recent small fashion fair event, just need some time to upload the pics:)

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

Friday 5 September 2008

9 years ago :)

9 years ago

Oh my, I still can't believe that it was 9 years ago. But it's 9 beautiful years since we married in Bari , Italy. And we have 3 gorgeous kids that are a great reminder of how time flies!!!!
It was a small family gathering with around 50 people celebrating in masseria Gallinaro , beautiful ancient restaurant at the Province of Bari.

9 years ago

9 years ago

We are so lucky to have the beautiful wedding album as a great time saver, with gorgeous photos made by our friend Marco. He is not a professional photographer, but I think he did a great job. I couldn't scan the photos one by one as they are glued strongly at the album pages, so I had to photograph the pages and therefore they lost theirs quality, but I'm sure that you can take the impression, clicking here and going to the bottom of the set to see more pics.

9 years ago