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Saturday 29 March 2008

Aqua, sky and earth


Hi everyone and happy spring!!!!Tomorrow we are even adjusting our clocks for one hour further.....means one hour less sleeping!!:(
We have returned home from Italy just 2 days ago and I have a lot of "homework" to do, but somehow I've managed to list my new outfits on Ebay just a few hours ago for the special Ginger Blossom ebay launch.
I prepared 2 sister's sets, one with gaucho pants in shades of aqua(one of my favourite colors)


and the other one with skirt in earth colours....


I was even thinking to call them 4 elements, but the missing element was def fire, as I haven't used any warm color,LOL. So I called them using Italian names for water - aqua (I had in mind sea water, of course) and ginger - zenzero.


As this gorgeous fabric line was so inspiring, I also prepared some matching accessories, listed separately with 0.99$ as starting bid...so will see how they will go keeping my fingers crossed;)

hband pins set clip necklace m2m ginger blossom

I took the photos on my daughters while being in Italy, in the apartment, as outside was very cold, even being at the south of Italy.
It was the first time modelling for my youngest daughter, Bianka that will turn 1 on Thursday:) and it wasn't easy at all, taking the fact that my camera is not very professional, so just couldn't capture all the movements still without flash. But well, I think that some pics went pretty well and I specially like the first one on this post.
I have some new pics to share while being in Italy, just need a few days to catch with all my orders and boring house homework.
Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!!!


Wednesday 19 March 2008

Happy Easter!!!

easter egg

We are just preparing our bags and in a few hours we are leaving to Italy. My hubby is from Bari and we are going to spend our Easter holidays with his family;).
I promise to be back with a pictoresque post in a week.
So, be safe and have a wonderful Easter!!

With love

Monday 17 March 2008

In full bloom

Just a quick post inspired by the beautiful things that surrounds us everyday:). I was so happy that I had my camera with me today when I saw this bush, with these gorgeous flowers. So inspiring!!!!!
The spring is in the air, for sure;)


The other beautiful thing I saw was this backyard in my neighborhood.
I was imagining even using it as setting for my Ginger Blossom outfits:P

neighborhood backyard

Unfortunatelly, my camera just couldn't do the justice, but belive me, this plum tree in bloom looks amazing!!!!

Another breath taking thing while doing my daily city walk, was this bag.

escada bag

Isn't it perfect? I was drooling not only today, but each time I pass by the Escada window;)

escada bag s

The pattern is amazing and the colors combos are stunning!!!

And for the end, a picure of the beautiful yellow flowers in bloom on the night light;)

night bloom


Friday 14 March 2008

Ginger blossom fabrics

I'm in the middle of preparing my newest sets for upcoming Ginger Blossom launch on ebay, starting on 25 March, celebrating Sandi Henderson's debut fabric line.I'm so excited to be part of this launch, as Sandi's fabrics are just gorgeous and absolutely MUST HAVE, and than there are 75 extremely talented designers that will list theirs items made with this stunning fabric line.

I must say that firstly, I had in mind to create something different than the sets that you will be able to see in a few days;), but as the fabrics I ordered were backordered, I had to create with what I got from thefatquartershop and therefore to combine with some other designer's fabrics;) Hopefully I will have other Sandi's prints too;). We are going to Italy for our Easter holidays and will be there 20-28 March, so I'm in a rush to prepare everything till Thrsday.
ginger blossom & matching fabrics

The colors are just delicious and I've chosen the prints with my favourite colour-aqua and the crocheted and lace parts are going so good with the fabrics;)



These are hat and tops details


Happy Friday!

Saturday 8 March 2008

Beads, lace, dictionary and more

Well, the past few days were a sort of computer abstinence,LOL(checking from work and my sister doesn't count, right?).We changed some furniture in the house and therefore, we had to change to computer too (the old one just couldn't "fit" the new table anymore) that may sounds crazy...hehe. Actually, we had to replace to "normal" computer with the laptop one, as my minimalistic preferable style unfortunatelly influenced the computer style, too. Maybe I'm the only person in the whole world prefering the standard configured computer (including standard mouse and keyboard), but I suppose that I will get use to it;).
During these non computer days, I had much more time to give some creative ideas breakthrough...or let says craft madness moments.
And well, here are some results

3 beads



I combined these newly made beads with some old ceramic ones, that I found at my granny's house and it was like discovery of the lost and forgotten treasure


bulk beads



This is how it looks when on...


I think that I will list it on etsy;)

I also made other 2 necklaces with some felt and fabric and one with lace etc.
I started the first one by cutting the fabric flowers...and than stiching it to the felt shape.

flow cut

flow yarn

fl beads

I liked the idea of the composition with some tick branches

gran brads

And finally I made the necklace that was so long, that I decided to rather make 2 smaller ones:)

flow beads


The other one was made wits some clooney lace that I like so much




Well, have a nice weekend!!!!


Sunday 2 March 2008

Happy birthday to Marta!

Can't believe that my sweet little baby turned 7 yesterday!!!!


She's getting so big! And yuck...we are getting so old....






In the total chaos between preparing the food(a part of it,LOL) birthday cakes, taking her to the hair dresser and preparing kids for the celebration, I totally forgot and didn't have time to take some decent pics, but well, ar least kids had blast(exept Bianka that frightened by seeing to many people was in my arms for 3 hours!!!)




I sewed her a dupioni silk dress in lilac-violet and made some matching accessories




And finally, she get so many presents that when we arrived home, it was like Christmas again!



Happy birthday sweetie!!!