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Thursday 29 September 2011


marta alice

On Tuesday, I will be opening my 6th solo exhibition. I will be exhibiting drawings from my "Wonderland" series.

I have prepared the drawings for this exhibition during the last summer , based on the photographs by my friend, Piki made during this photo session for my Alice costume and I am so happy to be able to show off them in Belgrade's main street, in the "Singidunum" gallery. If you live in Belgrade, it would be lovely if you can join us on the opening. The exhibition will have 10 days duration.

marta tea party

Here's something more about the drawings:

Works from the series "Wonderland" are inspired by the famous novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865), written by the English writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.
Drawings "Wonderland" are made during the 2010. and are done in a combined technique: charcoal, ink, tempera, collage on paper, fabric, thread and are approx. 100 x 70 cm in size.
Drawings have the figure as the light-theme, which dominates the composition, while pulling on them unobtrusive forms of ill-defined space, a certain animal silhouettes, cage, cards, teapots and cups. The figure is mainly created in the traditional method of charcoal on paper and it is almost realistic in treatment, which comes in contrast with the surrounding, which is usually unrealistic, and sometimes even extremely simple and almost two-dimensional. In addition to get the Wonderland components altogether and to integrate the prevalent ideas from the novel, some parts of the drawings are children's drawings (for example, some cards and plates) which makes the connection between inspiration, themes, audiences, the unreal with real world, and in a way achieves the combination of two worlds that are very evident in the novel. Just as Carroll's "Wonderland" which is not another world, but just this world, seen through the eyes of the child, my "Wonderland" is created using some kind of children's views of things. Therefore some shapes and pieces are original children drawings, spontaneously embedded with other materials, different textures and parts, stitched/sewn elements, all with the aim of enriching the visual composition through the essential aesthetic elements: the different values of lines, surfaces and structures.
The idea of growing up through the play and usage of imagination as essential in understanding the adult world, as well as reviewing our own identity in constant contact with other creatures and people are shown here in some way under the theme "tea party", which is interpreted through the transition from one dimension to another and from one world to another, as well through an innocent "child's play" with the different objects and in mimicking habits, rules, and generally, the adult’s world.
With the interpretation of the idea of captivity in another world, somewhere
between reality and dream, and with a note of nostalgia, these “Wonderland” drawings were created.

And where is the bird?

Hope to see you there,

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Reversible jackets


It all started layers of beautiful fabrics combined together...and biasing.....and adding some beautiful trims and buttons at the top...in...

jackets layered flowers

...creating these reversible jackets, that I am totally in love with;)

jackets in progress

jackets in work

jacket in work

all finished:)

jacket jacket

reversible girls jackets


reversible jackets

xo, Katarina

Saturday 24 September 2011

Savoring the last little bits of summer 2011.....

fig drop

I've been lingering a bit with posting my last post for this summer 2011., but it's time to face the fact that the summer is officially over. And I am so glad to say that I am all ready for Fall;)
So, here are some pics, mainly from my surrounding set in flickr, where evidencing some beautiful scenery around, mostly of nature.

dry figs



before the rain

flowers queen anne's lace

cocktail tomato



summer 2011.

3 boys and a cat

fall dresses

Farmers market dress detail

embroidered roses


cotman aquarel set

Happy Fall!!!

Monday 19 September 2011

Tulle skirts fun

lilac tulle skirt

Yesterday, I snapped a few shoots of the new tulle skirts I made for the SHOP, enjoying some of the last hot summer days of this year.

lilac tulle skirts

lilac tulle skirt

lilac skirts tulle

lilac tulle skirts

It always makes me smile when my oldest, after I take a few pics says: " Can you take the pics of me jumping?" Ever since my friend, Piki took some professional pics of her jumping for my poor neglected website (and to follow is the evidence...she had only 4 years and it was 6 years ago), she is obsessed with jumping on the pics.


Tuesday 13 September 2011

Teddy bear plushie family

teddy bear plushie

After more than a month, finally my plushies tempate pattern arrived and I immediately had to try it.

teddy bear plushie fabric

teddy bear plushie fabric template I love it and even that those 2 smaller bears needs to be sewn very carefully as they ARE actually pretty small, I must say that it is very easy to cut and sew them. I would honestly change the size of the "arms" making them a bit larger, but it's great to keep those things in mind for the next time;) Now I understand why many dolls and fabric toys have separately inserted things;)

teddy bear plushies family

teddy bear plushie family

teddy bear plushie

teddy bear plushie

But, kids just love them and already asking for more:)
Hope you like them too,

Friday 9 September 2011

September clothes

bow dresses

bow dresses

After a long week full of mixed feelings and tears (there have been a few hard days with new school commitments), we are somehow back to "regular schedule". At least I hope. This sort of regular schedule provided some sewing too (for the SHOP ); with the following results;)

bow dress bow dress

bow dresses

bow retro flowers dress

I am slowly convincing my self that the summer is gone and therefore my sewing palette will start with some Indian summer tones going to the deeper tones.

bow dresses

bow dresses

There are some neat neckties for boys as well available in the shop, in different, fun prints.


Have a wonderful September,