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Thursday 21 December 2017

Saturday 18 November 2017


As the Esoterra lookbook is finally out, I can't be happier to share with you some amazing projects and creations that AGF team and some incredible makers were able to put together!

This first quilt is the free quilt pattern, that I created and named Amber. Amber quilt pattern (can be downloaded HERE) is inspired with the diamond shapes from the Ambered bugs print.

All the beautiful items that can be seen above are created by Elina Temmes and pics are her courtesy as well :) The pattern for the gorgeous slippers from the picture can be found in the Tilda's house book, while the Flowermania pattern can be found Here.

There are many beautiful quilts in the lookbook, and "Travels to Esoterra" by Marija Vujčić is one of them. She's working on the free tutorials for the other items that she created with Esoterra, that should be available soon.

 I love this beautiful "Clever girl" dress by Gwyneth LaSpina that is a mash up of Sweet Agnes swing top dress and T-shirt dress.

I love this Dino plush (pattern by Wooly petals) and looks like a great gift-giving idea ;)

This beautiful "Jungle Flight"quilt by Sara Diepersloot (quilted by Jeffery Yasenchok) can be found through Modern Handmade.

I love what Becca Plymale created for her adorable son and I will definitely sew one these classic oxford button-up shirt for my son and rough-n-tumble pants look great too!

Cassie Nicole made this stunning knit dress for her daughter that has a great twirlability ;)

Amazing Adventuring messenger bag and Malcolm quilt are created by Sarah Overton :)

 Probably my favourite bomber jacket in my favourite print from the collection :)

Beautiful Triassic Triangles quilt by Elise Baek looks so fresh and colorful!

I wish I have a toddler in my life to make him this outstanding hoodie jacket by Hello dear kids!!

Last, but certainly not the least is this stunning modern quilt by Paola Baker (pattern can be found in Simply Modern Christmas book by Cindy Lammon)

There are many more projects in the look book, so I hope that you will find something for yourself and/or other dino lovers in your life!!!

Wednesday 6 September 2017


Art Gallery fabrics has officially launched all the Fall collections, including my Esoterra collection, coming in October. Esoterra brings to life an extinct luscious land where beautiful and exotic creatures roamed. I tried to capture the archeological essence of this mysterious world with lush foliage and rugged textures enhanced by deep green, dark teals, grays and hints of fuchsia.

My son was always a huge fan of Dinosaurs and even if he's almost 13, he's still enchanted with these marvelous creatures. I wanted to create a gender and age neutral collection that could appeal to all dino lovers. I tried to translate my vision of these gigantic extinct inhabitants and their surrounding using organic shapes, textures and colors, telling a story through variety of prints, giving them luscious and almost exotic look.

Can't wait to show you some wonderful projects with this line coming next....

Monday 28 August 2017

Summer 2017

It's always so hard to say goodbye to summer, as it's my favourite season and part of the year where we enjoy being in company of our family and friends, spending more time outside....

This year, we spent 2 amazing weeks at the Adriatic cost, in Croatia. It's actually the place from my childhood, where I used to spent all summers when I was little....It was so nice to see my kids being in a company of my friend's kids, having a wonderful time, making some memories and friends for life.

We made a one day trip to Trieste, Italy to see the city and explore a bit, and it was so fun!

Now it's already time to go back to school, but also to share a new fabric collection coming this Fall...can't wait!!! :)

Sunday 21 May 2017

InBlue fabrics

It seems like forever since my last post and it's already time to present you my newest, available collection: InBlue.

Inspired with the world’s most favourite colour, BLUE, and the history of it’s appearance and usage, especially in Dutch culture and it’s famous Delftware, I created my latest fabric collection, named InBlue. I played with different motifs in different scales and combinations of blue shades in order to create a fun and versatile 20 prints collection, divided in two colorways: Azuur Stark and Azuur Zoet. 

Blue, coming from the semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli, was a latecomer among colors used in art and decoration, but three thousand years surely records some most amazing art’s creations worldwide. In Europe, especially from the Renaissance period, this royal and prestigious colour, became associated with holiness, humility and virtue and was a favourite colour of many most prestigious and famous painters ( like Titian, Durer, Raphael, Vermeer etc.)Exported to Europe, Chinese porcelain that used cobalt blue, launched the style of Chinoiserie. It was very popular style that appeared in the early 17th century, especially in the arts of Holland.

My collection was shown this weekend, during the Sprint Quilt Market in St. Louis and here you can see the picture of how it was displayed.

On the right, you can see my free Quilt Pattern, Lapis Lazuli, that can be downloaded HERE

I had so much fun making many items with my collection and be sure to check the Look book for more inspiration and projects!!

I have prepared also the Dala horse pattern, that can be cute ornament hanging and can be downloaded HERE.

 The quilt pattern that I finished 3 years ago (when launching my Recollection collection) and was so lame to publish, is finally available and it's called Navate quilt. I am so proud of this little pattern, because it looks amazing (at least to me) in any fabric collection that I tried to do (doing mock ups). It's a lot of strip piecing, but it's so fun!!! I hope to finish it soon, as it's only the top that it's completed ;)

PS I have just added the new coupon code: "INBLUE" for my etsy store to get 25% off on purchases until the end of June-enjoy!

Will make the updates as soon as the Lookbook will be out!!!