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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fooling around

It's been crazy over here for the past few days. Kids are showing the interest for some new skills: Bianka is protesting against being feeded by someone else, and she WANTS to eat by her self, which is always finishing like this

Which is a phase that will end up when she will really learn how to eat alone, and is funny at the moment for the rest of us. Pablo, my 3 year old son is going through another phase...wall decorating painting phase.

and he wasn't inspired only with the huge clean background (which my older daughter Marta found as the logical explanation for his new interest to draw on the walls), but even with small non-smooth surfaces as this lamp switch is,LOL.
Of course, my first spontaneous reaction (artistic one) was : "Wow, this is good!!!", which I kept for my self and tried to explain him about how he suppose to use only the papers for drawing...or Grandmother's wall (that is the piece of wall in my mom's house that my mother dedicated to Marta when being at the very same phase). Well, in our house that wall above isn't the only one "affected", but there are others as well and I think that for him the Gran ma's wall just isn't inspiring enough anymore, as Marta quite covered it,LOL.

And than, speaking about painting and paintings, must say that I miss that very much, not having enough time to be dedicated to that, as well (but hopefully soon:o)), so I will share the very last one I did, for some family members.

This painting I did a few years ago, was made upon one Dutch baroque still life from the XVII cent that is kept in the Ermitage museum. I only modified the shape, as my SIL wanted the oval frame for that. It is oil on canvas and it took quite a while to paint that, and I when I paint for myself, I prefer doing some much more expressive style and even abstract objects.

Back to the now days, I have to share some "new arrivals"...some from the Germany


cherry applique

and thanks to my wonderful friend,Chris whom introduce to me those great appliques made by Marilena and explain in English how to use Marilena's site, that is all in German.
I'm planning to use those appliques for these gorgeous Japanese cherry fabrics

small cherries

I also received some new prints from Amy Butler, and I love them!!!!:P

amy midwest modern
If you are planning to do some shopping on-line, you may like to use this discount at Fabric.com

Thanks to my absolutely fantastic friend Sharon I'm off to shop!!!! (they don't ship to my country :(...but that's where the friends come to help;))


Sharon said...

How funny about the wall art! I think they all go through it! I love your painting. I am always amazed at your talent!
Love the fabric! I almost orderd the same thing!


Christine said...

OMG, looks like Bianca had a LOT of fun *lol*.

Your cherry fabrics are as beautiful as Marilena's patches. Can't wait to see how you will use both of them together. I absolutely love your creations!!

XOXO, Chris

Louise said...

Hi Katarina, That face is a mess!! I can't imagine what the floor under the highchair looks like! When Darcy ate as a 1 year old - we used to say we needed a dog to clean up after mealtime. Maybe you do too! :>)

Katarina said...

Lol,Louise, that's just the same thing we are saying offten!As far we have aquarium with fishes which is over the top for 5 member family living in the apartment;).
Yeap, I should photograph the floor too!It usually looks like some of the Jackson Pollock's paintings,LOL!!

Steffi said...

I love the picture of your sweet daughter Bianca!
Your new fabrics are really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Katarina, your paintings are stunning! You are talented in so many ways. XOXO Helena