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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Back home and doing the commercial


We are back and literally straight from the airport, we headed to the place where Marta and Pablo were engaged to do the commercial for the new milk coming soon by Imlek, called "Bello"(in my language BELO is the name for WHITE as well).


My sister is the stage designer (you can visit her website HERE ) and she is doing many commercials, very often. So we had the occasions many times in the past to get the kids doing the lil' actors roles, but we never wanted to have them suffer after hours of hard work and trials, so we never did any, until this time.


This time was different, because Marta wanted to be engaged in the commercial,she almost begged my sister to be taken, so my sister applied her and Pablo for this one.


The place where they were filming, was one incredible huge and beautiful old house, builded in 1936. with very authentic furniture and beautiful garden spreading all over the house.



The kids actually enjoyed the day, even being forced to stay there from 10 at the morning till 10 at the evening. But between the scenes, they could play outside, as there were 8 kids in total.

First to "act" was Pablo, and here is my sister taking him to "place".

pablo with Jeja

This is from the inside, but they were filming outside...he was supposed to be sad, as the commercial idea is that the kids are awaken in the gloomy and rainy morning, and turning to be very happy after, at the moment when is the "milk time".


...producing the rain....




In the meantime, the hair stylist was doing the hair to Marta.

marta doing the hair style

The producer and the director were totally in awe about Marta's sort of expressions while they were telling her what to do and how to pretend.


She was great.



The funny thing was when the director said how incredible and fantastic is she doing all the expressions - just like she had some sort of the experience in modeling or similar......LOL....if he only knew or could browse through my pics......



Well, that's all for now, I need to do some house works and than I will have my giveaway winner posted for the next post as it will be my 100rd as well:)
I also have some great news regarding one "Like flowers and butterflies" journal feature and will show off some pics from Italy:)



kaydensgracedesigns said...

Kat! That is so cool! How neat they allowed you to shoot pics of all the stages. They would NEVER allow that here. Thanks for sharing! Your kiddos are too cute! LOVE it! You will have to post the finished commercial so we can see it! I hope Italy was wonderful. XOX Tab

Sharon said...

How awesome that the kids are able to be a part of a commercial! How Fun, I hoe that you play it for us. I can not wait to see pics from Italy!

MamiGirlBoutique said...

OMG HOW EXCITING! That is AWESOME! You have such beautiful kids! I knew one day they would be in commercials/films! Wowee! I hope she keeps up an interest!
Well congrats again, that is just totally AMAZING!