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Monday 27 December 2010

Shinny leggings tutorial for the Happy New Year!!!

shinny leggings

shinny leggings Hello friends!!!
We are in Italy, enjoying our family and Vacation time.

First and above all, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

And than as promised, here is the leggings tutorial, step by step.
You can click on the thumbnails, to get the bigger preview. The pictures here are showing the leggings created in size 3/4 years.
As always, feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions and questions;)

Notes: if you don't have the serger, it is always better to use the zig zag stitch or stretch stitch, avoiding to get the broken stitches when the fabric is stretched.

Before cutting the fabric, remember to check the way fabric stretches, as the maximum stretch should be always used widthwise(horizontally) as will be going and will be stretched across the body. There are jersey and knit fabrics that are two ways stretched(like the one I used), but mostly they are just one way stretched and in those cases you should be careful with cutting directions.

leggings tutorial3

You will need:

1 yard of jersey knit fabric(a bit less or more depending on the size...I made both pairs: sizes-3/4 and 9/10 with one yard only, as it was double way stretch jersey and the type of jersey I used is liquid lycra fabric, that can be purchased here, @ funkaliciousfabrics)
scissors or rotary cutter
sewing machine(serger is optional, but preferred)
stretch needle 70/10
thread and pins

It is very important to determine the measurements for the leggings:
1. for the waistband and
2. for the length

You can get those measurements from your child, using the tape measure and measuring all across the waist for the waistband and than for the length measuring from the waist to your desired length(it can be full length or 3/4 length). In my case, the waistband is 20" and the length is 21".

leggings tutorial

leggings tutorial1I've started using an existing pair of leggings(Hello Kitty ones)as a guide to create/draw the template-pattern for them, adding around 1/2" as seam allowance to all sides.

leggings tutorial5 Here is the pattern/template I got for the body of the leggings(without the waistband), that was used for both sizes(with adding appropriate length of course and a bit more as seam allowance in larger size....around 1" more).Just note that one side is slightly deeper in rise/crotch part than the other side, so the deeper side will be used as the back part of the leggings.
leggings tutorial7 As the fabric is folded(in direction that will respect the maximum stretch, but usually widthwise), cutting only one, you will get 2 reverse pieces for the body of the leggings.

leggings tutorial9

Here are all the needed pieces: waistband, body of thee leggings and stripes for the ruffles.

leggings tutorial10

leggings tutorial4 If you want the ruffles at the bottom, you will need to make and sew them to the body of the leggings pieces before assembling them. So, you just need to cut the stripes that will be approx. 1 1/2" wide, lets say 2 stripes, using the max. length of the fabric(usually 54"). So, if the fabric is folded, cutting once, you will get 2 stripes.

leggings tutorial11 Now, to ruffle the stripes, use the elasticized thread (hand wind a bobbin with the elasticized thread and put it in your machine) and make one row using the basic straight stitch in the middle of the stripes.

leggings tutorial14

leggings tutorial15 Using pins, pin the ruffles to the bottom of the main pieces (approx. 2" from the bottom line) and attach them using zig zag stitch. You can create only one or even 2 rows of ruffles, as I did.

leggings tutorial18 At this point, you can pin insides of the main leggings parts (taking care of those ruffles ends to match), sew and serge in one continuous line from the bottom to the top.

Here are the pictures of: one leg sewed inside(sewed inside on the wrong, black side)and one still unsewed and both legs sewed, wrong and right sides.

leggings tutorial17 leggings tutorial21

leggings tutorial22 Having both legs done it is time to sew them together.

leggings tutorial25 Now, first pin and than stitch and serge the crotch parts of the legs turned both on the wrong sides.

You are almost done, now it is time to sew the waistband.

leggings tutorial27

leggings tutorial28

leggings tutorial31 Cut the waistband piece, around 3" wide and 1-2" narrower in length than your kid's waist.(for example, as my daughter waist circumference is 20", my waistband piece was 18")

leggings tutorial35 Press the waistband piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and pin it to the waist part of the legging.

leggings tutorial36 Taking care that the seamed part of the waistband remains in the back(deeper part of tho crotch) and matches the back seam of the back side of the leggings, sew and serge the waistband.

leggings tutorial37 leggings tutorial38

leggings tutorial39 Now finish the lower edges of the legs. Hem them using your preferable method( I usually do either the 1/2" serged, pressed and seamed edges or rolled hems with the serger).

leggings tutorial40

Hope you will be able to follow my instructions(above all my English:)
Once again, enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones and see you here next Year!!!!
xo, Katarina


theScandinavianMum said...

We like! Very Saturday Night Fever with a Romantic twist! I'm sure the kids LOVED them!

Love from Little Scandinavian in London x

Katarina said...

Thank you so much!!!!