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Sunday 4 December 2016

Christmas stocking tutorial / pattern

Christmas stockings in different fabrics and even sizes can be fantastic as part of Christmas décor, are great for gift giving and are very easy to make. You can play with different fabric placements, using even some quilt leftovers, making unique and fun pieces. You can adorn and customize them by adding buttons, ribbons, trims, beads, doing maybe some hand or machine embroidery details.

The featured fabrics are from my Blithe fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.

To download the stocking template and pattern, please go HERE

Finished size of the stocking is: 19" tall and 12" wide.

You will have to tape 4 pages to obtain the stocking pattern in real size that, after taping, will look like this:

I had so much fun making this striped patchwork piece in Blithe fabrics! You will need 13 strips of fabrics cut in 2 x 28" size to have enough for cutting 2 shapes, that will be front and back piece of the stocking. Or you can just use plain fabrics, to obtain simpler look.

For 1 stocking

Paper template (provided)
Main fabric - two 21 x 14” pieces (or 2 fat quarters) or ½ yd of fabric if using one same print and horizontal layout (if the print is directional, you will need 5/8 yard to use the right direction of the print)
If you are making the strip pieced patchwork (like pictured), you will need 13 (thirteen) 2” x 28”strips of different fabrics
Cuff - 18” x 6” fabric strip on fold
Lining - two 21 x 14” pieces (or 2 fat quarters) or ½ yd of fabric if using one same print
Trim or ribbon for hanging (you can even make your own with fabric leftover), 7”
Medium weight, one-sided fusible interfacing or batting* (optional) in same size as other pieces
Cutting mat
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Fabric pencil or marker


1. Using the provided stocking template , cut four same fabric pieces (two for front-back and two for lining).

*Optionally, using the same provided template, cut two interfacing-stabilizer or batting pieces and iron or sew them to main fabrics: front and back pieces.

2. Pin and sew front to back pieces, right sides together on marked line (stop sewing approx. 5” from the end). Be sure to notch ( make small V shapes) the curves in order to obtain nice shape and prevent scrunching.

3. Pin and sew the lining pieces together (stop sewing approx. 10” from the end). Be sure to notch ( make small V shapes) the curves in order to obtain nice shape and prevent scrunching.

4. Make the cuff: take the 18 x 6” strip, fold it on the longer edge, right side inside and sew the shorter edges. Turn the cuff to the right side and press it nicely.
 *Optionally, you can embroider this cuff for a nice, customized look.

5. Pin and sew the cuff to the main fabric pieces, on the upper stocking edge, making sure to offset it from both vertical edges.

 6. Make a loop with the trim or ribbon and sew it to the unsewn corner of the stocking.

7. Place main fabric pieces on the top of the lining fabric pieces (or vice versa), right sides inside, pin and sew them together on the upper, straight edge.

8. Right sides inside, pin and sew the remaining edge close, starting from the main pieces, leaving the 3” gap open on the lining part of the stocking, that will allow turning the stocking inside out.

9. Turn the stocking inside out and sew the gap closed. Put the lining part inside and press nicely.

10. Optionally, top stitch the upper right edge of the stocking, all over, to secure that the lining stays evenly inside.

Happy sewing and happy Holidays!!!


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