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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Mindscape fabric collection

The Mindscape collection was inspired with treasured memories spent along the Adriatic coast, enriched with some Easter traditions. When I was a little girl, until my teen age, I used to spend Easter Holidays with my family in a little house that we used to have in Croatia by the sea. That was my favorite place and holds such a special space in my heart. Even if we don't have a house there anymore, we like to visit that place and my friends that live there, often.

And whenever I feel like I need an escape from a busy daily routine or some problems, I like to evoke those moments and feelings of pure serendipity and happiness, caused by simplest things, like feelings of sand beneath the feet and sounds of waves crashing on rocks.


Also, when I started working on this collection, the war in Ukraine started and it reminded me of a war that happened here, where I live, in Belgrade in 1999. So I felt absolutely heartbroken and terrified and my mindset was completely there, with hopes that Easter that was coming will bring peace.
That was probably the main reason for having the color palette a bit more neutral, restricted, soft and subdued. Actually, the working title of the collection was "Dove" and here are some of the initial sketches.

Starting with doves, I then added some small animals that symbolize Easter along with some flowers and twigs, that would embody this Holiday as well- starting with Palm Sunday. 

Rabbits are featured in not just Foraged Fauna print, but also in Abundance prints (in Nectar and Cloud), and I wasn't t even aware that this year is the Year of the rabbit when I created these drawings and prints, so I can only call it a happy coincidence;).

Easter usually occurs towards the beginning of spring, as a season when plants bloom and animals give birth. and eggs in particular are a clear symbol of rebirth and fertility. So it may not seem surprising that Easter eggs are often associated with Easter.

Here, in Serbia where I live, we celebrate Easter with very important family tradition: dyeing eggs in onion skins bath with different herbs and flowers that in the dyeing process will leave the non colored spots, which is very similar to dyeing the batik and other fabrics. 
So, the prints called  Sensescape (in sky, sand and raw linen-below) can be associated with this tradition of picking beautiful leaves and flowers to be used in this process.

And finally the moment of gathering the family around the table to celebrate this beautiful Holiday could be celebrated with the Seaside tiles print-that can not only be a recollection of that retro tiles in a grandma kitchen, but also a beautiful tablecloth that would also have some treasured embroidery motifs along the borders....

Apricot print was the final print that was added to the collection, but I thought that it would nicely contribute to the Fruitfulness aspect of the group, and to serve as another main print that would provide great sewing usage and possibilities.

Also, another amazing thing is that my first ever collection of blenders is also just launched and available!
It's called Seedling, and it's going beautifully together with Mindscape. 
It actually complements it in a magical way, adding more neutral tones and possibilities that are just perfect for quilts and quilt related projects, but not only....
But it certainly deserves to have a post on it's own, so it's already in the works;) 

I hope that Mindscape can take you to carefree escape from everyday life, with heartfelt feelings of unity, vitality and serendipity.
Happy almost Spring everyone!

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