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Wednesday 14 June 2023

Winterflake quilt sew-along

Hi and welcome to my first ever quilt sew-along! 

It's been exactly 10 years since I made my first quilt and I definitely learnt a lot along the way. 
I am not sure how many quilts and quilt patterns I created so far, but I enjoyed the process, especially in the last two years, when I had my pattern testers to join me in my journey. It's been absolutely amazing to share the experience, the opinions and feedback in order to bring the better products and results, but just the fact that I was sewing in a company, even virtual, was a game changer. It was so much enjoyable and better. So I am hoping that you will be able to enjoy not only the process of making a new quilt, but also a community and that you can make some new quilty friends along the way!

Last year,
when I created and released my Winterflake quilt pattern, the response was amazing and I am happy to talk a bit more about it again, now in form of sew-along event.

I am hoping that we can get to learn, share, and create together. 

The Winterflake quilt pattern should be appealing to a wide range of skill levels although all my patterns are written for the beginner to advanced beginner/intermediate sewer. 

To make the process easy, accurate and fast, most of the units necessary for the log-cabin constructed blocks are assembled using the strip piecing technique.

So, what is sew-along?

The sew-along is collaborative event where participants follow a specific pattern or design to create a quilt together. It's a fantastic way to learn new sewing techniques, complete projects and connect with other sewing enthusiasts.
I will provide the preparatory instructions, fabric options/color palettes (with a few shop links where kits are available), post videos and diagrams that will help you complete this fun quilt pattern! According to the following schedule, I will make a blog post each week with a video follow-up. It will be all available on my Instagram account as well.
If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please just post them in the comments, either here or on Instagram.

While you will be able to learn how to create the blocks, you will still need to get the pattern, if you already didn't. Last December, I shared the Winterflake block as a free download for my newsletter subscribers, so if you got that, you should be fine, too.

Winterflake quilt-along schedule:

  • Week One, June 19 -  Prep: Choose  + Cut Fabrics
  • Week Two, June 26 - Make strip sets
  • Week Three, July 3 -  Make Quarters 
  • Week Four, July 10 - Make Blocks
  • Week Five, July 17 - Quilt top assembly
  • Week Six, July 24 -  Finishing

Throughout the sew-along, I will be glad to provide guidance and address any issues that you may encounter. 
To gather all the projects, pics, comments and information together, please just use the hashtag #winterflakeSAL on Instagram.
I hope that you will join me during this Christmas in July kind of sewing event and that you will enjoy the process and have fun!

Here are some of the mock-ups in the bed size, that will have the fabric requirements determined:

By using the #winterflakequiltSAL hashtag and posting your picture, you become eligible to enter the giveaway on Instagram and hopefully win the prize that includes:

2. 4 1/2 yds of the Pure Element-Snow White fabric by AGF

This giveaway is open till Friday, June 30 and is open worldwide!



Anonymous said...

I like your mockups. I am working on picking my fabrics for the sew along. Can't wait to get started. Terry

Katarina said...

That's amazing to hear Terry, thank you so much for participating!