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Friday, 22 February 2008

Japanese inspired

I'm totally addicted to buying fabrics. A lot. From everywhere:) I like US fabric designers like Anna Maria Horner , Heather Bailey , Sandi Henderson or Joel Dewberry . Than I like European textile brands like Oilily, Room Seven, Bizzkids, Hilco, Stenzo and I mainly shop them here .
But lately, I'm obsessed with Japanese fabrics, crafts etc...and I ordered a few prints from that part of the world too.





forest friends


ume cherry

Sometimes, I buy them to match certain of my wardrobe favourite pieces


I bought this sakura print in brown to match my Sugar morigami boots. I wanted to make a bag to match...well, still haven't:(

sakura and dots

sakura and dots

But it is on my to do list;)...like other 1000 things to do,LOL.....it's only that when it comes to sew something for me, I always think that I can do it any other moment, and than that moment hardly arrives.
Being Japanese inspired, I'm also planing to do something sweet and neutral...for kids...using whites, beiges and maybe some pale blues...just as touches. I just love that neutral look of linen used in Japanese crafts





I also love those crochet flowers used as details



And I think these will be great for a start;)


neutrals-beige and blue with embellishments

I also adore those yummy japanese fabrics like these

sweets and candies


or these cupcakes
already used, and will be listed next week on ebay;)

Than, finally, I'm planing to do something fun with these fabric.That's my favourite all times:)
Oilily Kimono Blossom.Yummy!

kimono blossom

It's not neutral, but on the contrary very vivid and very eye-catching. But yet, japanese inspired.


The Wooden Spool said...

You have such exquisite taste, Katarina! Love these fabrics...and I need to get my hands on a Japanese craft book, too.....I have heard lots of fun things about them. FUN THINGS you have planned~
Laurie xo

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Busy Lady I like everything you like..it's like we are twins seperated at birth...Be well!! Jennifer

Katarina said...

Ahhhhhhhh,THANK you sooooo much ladies!!!!
Jennifer, I feel so embarassed now not including your name within my favourire designers list within this post:(. And only because I was too laisy to add a few another hyperlinks.
Sometimes I feel like such a dork...hope I used this word correctly-here.

Katarina said...
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Christine said...

Aren't we all fabric addicts *LOL* ? In Germany, the fabric market season is starting right now and it's really hard to resist the temptation of visiting them all. Even though I should resist since I seem to be in a funk. Not one of my sewing projects in the last 3 weeks has worked out yet. Most of them I threw in the trash :O( The Pippi Longstocking-style set - which you so kindly commented - was a result of boredom. Anyways, I wish I would be such a talented seamstress as you !!

Take care,

crochetdlane said...

Oooo wow..I love those crochet flowers!! I just love collecting pattern books and that one looks like a lot of fun! Love those yummy fabrics too!! ;)


melissa@yummygoods said...

Ahhh! I love these photos! and those sugar boots are awesome!

Kris said...

Such eye candy! Wow... love those fabrics :) And your designs are beautiful!