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Thursday, 30 October 2008

On the way to the market

...just another ordinary day....


bianka After Marta goes to school(7.50 am) and Pablo to the kindergarten(sometimes around 9 am), Bianka and I usually go for a walk. Sometimes we go to the park, sometimes we do some shopping in the center's stores and at least one in a week we go to the market to buy some goodies;).


Market is very near, as all the rest of the most important stores and facilities, and this is one of the big advantages when living in the center of the city and I love it:)
I really can't imagine how it would be if I would need to take the car to do any of these things, and really prefer doing it all just walking:)


Anyway, yesterday, going to the market I happen to have my camera in the bag and took advantage of it by taking some pictures. Just the ordinary pics of the things I see and strongly admire everytime I pass by there....just some beautiful, mainly vintage and old windows, gates and structures.....having that "abandoned" or "wish you were here" or "nostalgic" sort of look, that is like talking to me and always influencing my inspiration even regarding kids clothes(I very often spot the place and than imagine in what sort of the creation Marta would look best taken in front of it,LOL).....

Belgrade and especially the center area where we live, that is called Stari grad is full of very contrasted things, and even regarding the architecture(that is sometimes very ugly view), having some very old and small and some freshly new and tall buildings one beside another...just like you can see the view from our balcony

belgrade from my window
Well, here are some pics...

here you can see our balcony behind that beautiful old building.

2 Also, for those reading my blog, this gate may be familiar when taking the pics of my Antique GOLD dress and in the backyard there are those beautiful stairways.





this one is one of my FAVs



I so wish that in front of this beautiful wooden gate there wasn't the iron gate that is always closed and therefore impossible to enter:(

this restaurant of the national cuisine is just in front of our building

and has these great vintage bicycles in the passage



abandoned house



Well, I think it is enough.....
So if you ask me what was the purpose of going to the market, I will tell you that I bought some great food for the stomach and lunch and also, some food for the head(some great laces and stuff).

And for many of you asking me if I'm preparing something for the Holidays, as it is quite a lot that I'm not listing anything, the answer is YES, and you can see some sneak peaks just and only here;)...the dress is an OOAK and will be offered only once.

holiday dress holiday dress back

AnthologyInc is having the Holiday launch next week on eBay, so stay tuned;)
xo, Katarina


kaydensgracedesigns said...

Katarina!! LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing! It is so beautiful! Can I come stay at your house? The buildings, architecture, culture, I love all of it! :0) The dress is also gorgeous as usual! HUGS ~Tab

Katarina said...

Thanks Tab!!!
Of course, I wish, any time sweetie!!!!!

Amanda K said...

Oh wow. The place you live is so beautiful! Here it is all modern and ugly and boring. There... wow! I would love to take photographs there. Such rich details and textures. I love all the little photos of a glimpse into your day... so nice of you to share :)

Katarina said...

Thanks Amanda, I really wish you can come here for a visit one day, there are so many beautiful things around screaming: shoot me, shoot me!!!!:)

prettywithribbons said...

What a gorgeous city. I was there in 1984 and remember its beauty.