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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas giveaway


Yay, finally!!!!As I promised in my last post, I am doing the giveaway:). Just this morning, I have picked the new quantity of the ornaments from the Mill and now I have the seahorses family-new and small Bambi's:)

seahorse and small

How cute are these????

earrings bambi

earrings seahorse

When my kids opened the box with those small ones, they were absolutely in awe!!!They were making the families, trying to find the perfect matches and same "patterned" couples(which is impossible)...they just adore them!!!Me too, of course!!! I am already having my earrings on:)))))

earrings seahorse earrings bambi

So, if you want a pair of these, please just see the details further:). Of course, they are not the only thing included in the giveaway, so my Christmas giveaway is consisting of:

1. one Xmas pincushion/ornament(following picture)
2. pair of plexi earrings (you can choose between Bambi and seahorse)
3. one doily ornament upon your selection, range from: snowflake, bambi, deer, seahorse or rabbit(like the one on the first picture from this blog post)
4. one deer or Bambi polka dots ornament (in red colour) like these from the previous post

Christmas ornaments

Hope you like this little lot;) If you like it, you just need to leave the comment till Friday, December 4, 12 p.m. Central European time(there is the clock on my blog's right bar, so you can see the time zone differences) with your thoughts regarding Christmas. You don't need to write the novel, but just a few words or a phrase about Christmas, anything like what Xmas means to you, what are your memories from the childhood, what do you like to give and receive, favourite song, meal, recipe, piece of your favourite Xmas poem, or similar...really anything....I realized that I don't like the Random number generator system, so I will just pick one comment I will find the most original or unique or touchy or just simply beautiful:)!!

You can also visit my IwannaBE etsy shop if you want to see more pics of the new ornaments and earrings.

TTY on Friday:)
Have a wonderful week, Katarina

THANK you all so much for your lovely comments and above all for your time to write and left them on my blog. To award you for that, I would love to send you all something, so I am giving you a 30% off on the entire purchase for anything in my etsy stores(you can see them both by clicking on the side bar), with possibility to use this opportunity till the end of the January. Please, if interested, e-mail me directly at nina@likeflowersandbutterflies.com with the subject Giveaway and also your Blogger name to give you the promotion code:)
For the post giveaway, I have found Sharon's comment, the most concrete and Holidayish in a way, so I will consider her the winner of this "major" giveaway.
Sharon, please e-mail me with your shipping address and I will send this to you ASAP:)
THANK you!!!!!


Annette F. Tait said...

thank you for holding such an exciting give away Katarina.

Christmas is a time that I can give very special, well thought out gifts to my family and two rescue rabbits - Arabella and Wesley. My rabbits always get their own presents and in return I receive their love - to me that is prefect!

I love your rabbit ornaments (ofcourse :)

kind regards, Annette

Sharon said...


What a wonderful giveaway! I love the earings Adorable!

Christmas is such a wonderous time of the year. Christ Birth of course is the most joyful celebration of all! I love having my family here at Christmas time and my favorite thing is to make meaningful memories for all my Grandchildren!

Les Petits Anglais said...

Those earrings are fabulous!

Christmas will be even mnore wonderful in my house this year because my children are now age 4 and 2 and can join in with all the little rituals that really make Christmas. Like decorating the tree, bakng biscuits, making paper chains, helping to write 'a book' for daddy's not-so-secret present - I have learned this year that 4 year olds are terrible at keeping secrets! I wait until 1st December before letting Christmas preparations get underway, so that we don't run out of steam but we are going to have such a lovely month.

Little Treasures said...

When seeing your beautiful ornaments and the fabulous earrings I couldn't restrain myself from not entering this giveaway.So exciting!
Well, I hope I make Chirstmas as memorable for my children as my grandma and mother made it for me. From decorating the Christmas tree,packing the presents, preparing all wonderful dishes the anticipation climaxe(s)d on Christmas Eve with the breaking of the Christmas bread and the discovery of the coin hidden inside. This is the moment my children hold their breath for.
I also retell the story of the birth of baby Jesus which they enjoy a lot.

gina said...

Christmas to me means a get togther with all my cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven't seen since last Christmas. I so look forword to catching up on what's bee going on in their lives.

But more than that, Christmas means the birth of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. He didn't have to come to earth for us, but he did! And oh am I glad.


Shtook said...

Your ornaments are amazing and very unique. I just LOVE them. Every year I add one new ornament to our tree and I hope yours will be the one! I was just diagnosed with breast cancer this month and am trying to keep optimistic through my treatment. This experience is teaching me alot about the importance of family and friends and I want to give more personal gifts. I am using art therapy to help me stay positive. I have decided to make ornaments and gifts and to bake yummy treats for all my friends and relatives this year. Your blog has inspired me to be more creative. So thank you for the inspiration.

Kim said...

Christmas in our house means forgetting all the other things we do through out the year, all the geting to children's activities on time, all the hospital appointments, and just general time keeping that goes on.
We get up in the morning and stay in pyjamas all day, we open presents and eat lots of nice things and just enjoy being with one another as a family.
I find these days we are all so busy doing our own thing that we forget to just stop, look and listen to what our children are doing.
Christmas to us means being together with everyone we love.

Have a wonderful Christmas Katrina you are in my thoughts at Christmas as you and your family have become one of our family over the years, Lots of Love from us all Kim.XXXXXX

Katarina said...

THANK you all so much for your comments!!!I hope that the New Year will bring you a lot of happines, joy and wish you all a very healthy and problem free Year!!!xoxo