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Thursday 19 November 2009

Country living ornament feature

country living feature

If you remember THIS post you may have noticed that I have mentioned that I was contacted by the Country Living magazine to send the ornaments samples. I filled the credit sheet with my consent to publish them in theirs magazine etc, but i still was very reserved about if it will happen for real. Well, yesterday, after checking my e-mail and noticing some etsy sales, I also spoted a note from one customer: "I feel very lucky to be able to order your deer ornament since it is displayed so nicely in the December issue of this magazine. I was afraid you would be sold out!"

deer bambi

Oh well, I thought, so it the true and it was really there!!!!Of course, I have alarmed all my US friends to see if someone already has a copy, as was dying to see it printed on the page and (I will get my copy, but in a week or so) than sweet Laurie pointed me that on-line version of it (if you are browsing it, mine is lucky number 7 and finally my friend Sharon sent me the picture of it!!!

my Deer ornament in the Country Living magazine

It looks a bit pale as it is transparent with white print on the white page, but it looks winterish and elegant, I think.

country living cover

I have also prepared some new ornaments, in dotted version. What can be sweeter than the polka dots in red/white combo? I have painted the dots with the rubber liquid(the one used in the water coloured illustrations)to protect the white spots and than sprayed the ornaments with Ferrari red acrylic paint. Love it and I noticed that the deer has already sold out!!!!!Will try to make some more:)

I will have a giveaway post soon which will include some ornaments, but I am waiting to receive the new run I ordered from the Mill and it will include the sea horse shape and some smaller Bambi and sea horse shapes in the same doily print in the 1" size:) Can't wait to get them!!!! In the meantime, domestic readers, can buy some of my doily ornaments locally at the Supermarket concept store, Visnjiceva 10, Belgrade.

Hope you are slowly getting ready for the Holidays or at least are enjoying the mood;)))

xo, Katarina


MamiGirlBoutique said...

Kat this is amazing! I am so PROUD of you! You deserve the recognition for your many good ideas and years of hard work! Hugs! Shawnta

Manja said...

A jel mogu i kod nas da se kupe ove crvene sa tackama?
Inace, upravo sam te preporucila onoj engleskinji kojoj sam slala svoje krpene lutke, tako da znas da se ne iznenadis:)

CeCe said...

You are so deserving of this and much more. I am going to purchase the magazine this afternoon when I am out and about!!!! So smiling at this recognition for you!

The Wooden Spool said...

These are the cutest! LOVELY!
Yay, glad you got your copy!

Katarina said...

THANK you;))))