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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Free swatch day @ Spoonflower!!


August 18th is the Free Swatch Day at Spoonflower!
Spoonflower's Third Annual Free Swatch Day Starts Thursday, Aug. 18th, 2011
You can get a single free, custom fabric swatch for 24 hours between
noon EST on Thursday, August 18, and noon EST on Friday, August 19 with free shipping!!!

Read more about it HERE.

This is the great opportunity to get a piece of original design fabric for free and there are so many awesome designs to choose from:)
You can see some of mine available HERE

As the spoonflower prices are higher than when purchasing regular designer fabrics, I thought that it might be convenient thing to create the ready to cut and sew sets, where you get all in one: fabric, pattern and instructions.
So, there is a section with sewing patterns-templates where you can find them. I will also post here all the step by step instructions with photos once I get the designs.Rabbit wallpaper bag template

Remember, this bag? Now, you can buy this template that will allow you to create one bag. Spoonflower post worldwide and you can easily pay through Paypal or with some of the major credit cards (even Serbian;), so it is a great thing!!!
This pattern fits one yard of linen cotton canvas which is a medium weight fabric with lovely texture, suitable for the bag making. It don't have the instructions printed, as I barely managed to fit all the pieces for the bag, without almost any millimeter free(which I think is a neat way to use properly one yard of fabric for one normally sized hand bag without having almost any scrap pieces left;) Those 3 spots you can see in blue, purple and brown, these are left for fabric buttons, eventually;)
I tested this bag pattern and created a lovely birthday present for my sister, Jelena.

If you don't have the experience with sewing bags, you should wait for the all step by step blog post and as I took all the pics in process of making it, I will hopefully, be able to post it soon;)

Rabbit wallpaper bag

Also, thinking about babies and baby presents, I have created many sewing templates for baby bibs and can't wait to get them and make some bibs. I used the designs from my Playground collection , suitable for baby boys and girls. I can customize them, so once I test them, I will be able to offer some sort of- you design yourself bib set:)....thinking about the name of the baby etc...

bibs celebration

playground bibs

teddy bear bibs

And last, but not least, here is the softie family pattern. It is the fat quarter that will allow you creating 4 softie bears: Mama Bear, Papa Bear and baby boy and girl bear. Mine will arrive any day now (I hope), so that I can blog about it too;)
It is created for the next week, spoonflower's plushie contest.

Teddy Bear family

Have a wonderful weekend,


nic said...

you are a genius with those bibs! and i can't get over how gorgeous your designs are. oh, i just want to gobble it all up! :)

Katarina said...

Thank you so much sweetie, can't wait to get them and sew some bibs:)