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Thursday, 28 August 2014


Before the full reveal- tomorrow , I am sharing one more peek to my second fabric collection #recollection and my favourite print inspired by some #tapestry pieces and woven #textiles #agfcomingsoon #artgalleryfabrics #katarinaroccella #recollectionfabric

The first preview at my second fabric collection with Art Gallery fabrics is finally here.
And I can not be more excited to be able to share it with you!!!
This collection should have been previewed during the last, Spring Quilt Market, but it was wisely decided to hold on and concentrate on launching Indelible, my debut collection, and save this one for later ;)
And I think that it was the great decision, as it would be too much on my plate at once. And I still didn't have the way to get any of my knits and voiles, so hopefully I will be able to play a bit with them before the advanced yardage of Recollection will appear.
Let me tell you a bit more about this collection, like I did with my first one.
And if you follow that previous link, you will discover and recognize many of the elements used in the Recollection .....like on this following picture.

As you can see, this leads back to 2008 and my first attempts to recollect inspiration, color story and create patterns for my fabric collection (named "Doily" back than).
And on the following pictures (fabrics printed through Spoonflower) you may be able even to recognize some of the artwork used in the Recollection.

Doily portfolio

Doily collection 
Doily collection

Of course, the colors are changed and a bit even the designs, but this kind of ethnic appeal and elements were always very close to my heart.
I have always been attracted to doilies, laces and other vintage lovelies. I enjoy using them in artwork and like to contrast them with modern elements and materials in order to create something that embodies both fresh and vintage.

In love with the details!!!! #roses #tapestry #tradition #stitching #weaving #ethnic #dowry #inspiration #kilim #handcraft #craft #textiles #texture #heritage How amazing!!! Sorry for the reflex effect #ethnographic museum #tapestry #weaving #kilim #tradition #roses #stitching #weaving #ethnic #inspiration

Also, doilies hold a special place in Serbian tradition and culture, such as in traditional costumes which utilize various kinds of lace embellishments.  I was also inspired by kilims, which are the gorgeous shapes and patterns of Pirot, the southern part of Serbia.

Kilims are very geometric in form and in combination with floral lacy motifs and shapes create the perfect harmony for my “Recollection” line.  Culturally and historically, kilims are also used in very intricate needlepoint tapestries with beautiful roses. These have also inspired me to design some of the prints.

Additionally, with this line, I’ve tried to somehow evoke the old, fundamental textile techniques from rug weaving, tapestry, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, ikat.....something that through the centuries was passed from  generation to the generation, recollected - becoming a legacy or heritage that made our history and a history of the modern craftwork.

I must say that what helped with the textile techniques inspiration, were my classes during the first year of my PhD. I had the pleasure to be introduced to some of these techniques by my professor and hers assistant at the Faculty of Applied Arts and to learn a bit about the process of loom weaving.

When it was time to give to the collection the final name, I stumbled upon this quote by Waler Benjamin (one of the most influential contributions to aesthetic theory of the last century) and that was it!


So here are the two colorways: the first is "Deep winterwoven" and the second, the lighter one is called "Mist moderknittie".

So happy to present you the "Deep winterwoven" palette of my #recollection #recollectionfabrics #agfcomingsoon #artgalleryfabrics

This is "Mist modernknittie", curious to know which one do you like best? #recollection #recollectionfabrics #agfcomingsoon #artgalleryfabrics #katarinaroccella

Which one do you like more?
Would love to hear your thoughts,
with love,


Marija said...

Somehow I missed this post when it came out!!
I love, love, LOVE this next collection and it is such an amazing symphony of heritage, history, romantic old times and fresh new colors and design - BRAVO, my friend!!
Really, really can't wait to have this in my hands...a bolt of each, I think!! :)

Katarina said...

Hvala Marija :)

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