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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible and a giveaway!!!

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

I am so proud of this collaboration with the Aurifil, the Italian top thread manufacturer.

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

Thanks to that licensing agreement, I have 2 wonderful 100% cotton thread boxes that perfectly match my Indelible fabric collection

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

aurifil threads The best part of this awesome collaboration is that everything I sewed x the Market was made with it. I totally enjoyed it and it spared me a lot of time, nerves and money thinking about weather I will be able to find the good quality, matching thread for my projects. And even the free motion quilting projects (that I was so afraid to embrace) were a joy!!!

Thank you Aurifil!!!!

And here are some pics of the projects I prepared for the Quilt Market....

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible

Aurifil thread collection - Indelible


Indelible chevron quilt

Indelible quilt

Indelible collection cushions

What I totally adore about this collection of thread and my Indelible fabric collection is that you can get the perfect vision of the colors used in the fabric collection and choose the matching solids or blenders to play with.

color stories quilt

aurifil threads

You can choose between the large: 12 spool thread box - (1094 yds each) in 40 WT cotton thread or the small: 10 small spools thread box (164 yds each) in 40 WT cotton thread
And I think, that 40 WT thread is the most versatile one, as you can use it for all your sewing and quilting projects. And the quality? It's the best. Made in Italy ;)
And you can hear what I think about that in this video clip my hubby made...pardon my English and excitement that I just couldn't hide ;)
Unfortunately, the video isn't showing a lot of the Quilt Market, only part of my the Aurifil schoolhouse presentation, the sample spree and the end of the Market, the last seen before we left...but Art Gallery fabrics is preparing the booth coverage ;)

Quilt Market Pittsburgh 2014 from Katarina Roccella on Vimeo.

And now here is a giveaway sponsored by the Aurifil and Art Gallery fabrics for the entire box with 12 spools of Aurifil thread and one fat quarter bundle of Indelible fabric collection!!! 
Please, be sure to enter and share:)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Marija said...

These colors are just so beautiful...and unique, and brilliant!! BRAVO my friend!!! :)

Ellen said...

Beautiful thread.

Lisa Lisa said...

I'm pretty sure I've already painted a room in my house the exact same color as that bright pink! Two walls in my sewing studio :) What a great giveaway, and congratulations! Indelible is absolutely beautiful.

JANET said...

I love the thread colors! I would like to paint a room in #2943 which is a light sea green.

ktru456 said...

Beautiful colors!

ktru456 said...

I think I would have to pick one of the teal colors from this collection.

pinkdeenster said...

I'd paint a room lemon yellow!

melrosecakes said...

I would use the medium or dark grey.

Slavica said...

Beautiful colors, it's so hard to pick one

Giselle90 said...

Turquoise! :)

Diana Giselle SanForc

Unknown said...

Hi, sorry for late comment... Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for hosting this giveaway, as I won! Yay me! I received the gorgeous threads about a week ago and the fabrics today. It really made my morning. Thank you so much xo

Unknown said...


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